Every time we wanted to buy a new pair of panties on-line we typically ended up on 1 of 3 websites:

  • A “brand site” such as Fredericks which meant we were limited to just that brand. Why be limited to just one brand?
  • A “shopping site” such as Amazon where sellers load their descriptions with keywords. The majority of the panties on display just didn’t match what we were looking for. Why should we have to scroll and scroll to find the panties we might be looking for?
  • A “blog/information site“. Slightly better, at least some of them did some research and had some panties related to the ones we were looking for. The main issue, why are more than half the links broken?

Ages and ages trying to find the panties we were looking for!

Why We Are Different…

As we all regularly buy new panties we decided to consolidate our research and start this website.

  • We are not limited to 1 brand
  • We list only panties appropriate to the search
  • We update our content regularly
  • We check our links every week

We reckon our website is so good that we can say that you will…

Find the panties you are looking for – And much more quickly

We are constantly working to ensure we are…

  • Friendly – We do our best to ensure our links are to mobile friendly sites that ship internationally
  • Current – We check our links every week to ensure they work and that the panties you are looking for are in stock
  • Appropriate – The panties we choose are appropriate to what you are actually looking for
  • Unrestricted – We are not restricted to any particular brand, organisation or website

Got A Question?

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