Our 18 Latex Panties For Men Include

G-Strings, Thongs, Bikini’s and Boxer Short panties – Plus a selection of Men’s Latex Underwear Sets, Bra’s and Panties…

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Our Latex Panties For Men


  • 2 Men’s Latex G-String Panties
  • 3 Men’s Latex Thong Panties
  • 2 Men’s Latex Bikini Panties
  • 9 Men’s Latex Boxer Short Panties
  • 2 Men’s Latex Underwear Sets – Bra And Panties

Latex Panties For Men – Top Picks…

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Latex Panties For Men – G-Strings

These 2 Latex G-String Panties For Men have the most minimal of rear coverage…

Men’s, Optional Pouch, Latex G-String Panties

These Faux Leather G-String Latex Panties For Men are our first pick in this section.

They are available in 2 different styles, with a permanent pouch or a press button removable pouch, the latter includes a hole in the front, behind the pouch.

Available in 3 sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large – Although it is worth ordering a size up here.

Only available in Black but that’s usually the norm.

Men’s Latex G-String Panties –
A 3 Pack

This Low Rise Latex G-String look option is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.

A great value fashionable G-String because it comes in a 3 Pack – Suitable for wearing under low-rise jeans.

Note, as with most delicate underwear, these should be hand-washed.

There are also other styles available here, such as Thong, Bikini, Hipster, Jockstrap, all of them also in 3 Packs.

Latex Panties For Men – Thongs

We have 2 Latex Thong Panties For Men and 1 Latex Tanga style option for those wanting a little more rear coverage…

Men’s Latex Thong Panties

Our first pick in this section are these Men’s Latex Thong Panties.

No visible lines makes these great for wearing under yoga pants and this is probably what they’re most suitable for.

There’s 4 sizes to choose from, Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.

There’s 3 color options to choose from, Black, Grey and Wine.

Also available in a 3 Pack which includes all 3 colors.

Latex Thong Panties For Men In A 2 Pack

A great value 2 Pack of Low Rise Latex Thongs for men.

Although the bulge is micro, it’s quite giving and provides decent comfort.

Good for under low rise outfits and the bedroom too.

Great options here, 5 sizes, from Small to Extra-Large and 4 color options, Black , Blue, Bronze and Gold.

Also available in a 5 Pack of assorted colors.

Latex Tanga Panties For Men

We’ve included these Tanga panties for a couple of reasons.

  • They’re the only option we could find
  • They provide a great alternative to a thong, for men looking for a little more coverage and support

3 sizes available, Medium, Large and Extra-Large and 3 colors, Black, Gold or Silver.

A 3 Pack option includes all 3 colors.

A great thong alternative for those looking for a little more coverage and support.

Latex Panties For Men – Bikini Style

We have 2 Latex Bikini Panties For Men options, a string and a regular style in 2 different cuts…

Men’s Latex String Bikini Panties

Our first Bikini Panty is this string option made from a mixture of latex rubber and spandex.

The elasticated string side is comfortable and coverage is slight.

Rear and front coverage is modest, as one would expect from a standard bikini cut panty.

Available in 3 sizes, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, and one color, Black, which is actually more Navy Blue than Black.

The only latex string bikini panty we could find specifically suitable for men.

Men’s Latex Bikini Panties

Two style options for these Latex Bikini Panties for men.

The first style, offering modest coverage is the “brief” option, the second style, the “boxer brief” offers a fuller coverage.

Both are made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex and both come in 3 different sizes.

Only one color here, Black, but as well as the 2 styles we have mentioned there are others, including Jockstrap, Thong and Zipper options.

A good 3 Pack option for those looking for modest coverage.

Latex Panties For Men – Boxer Shorts

Latex Boxer Short Panties For Men are very popular as they provide very good coverage and support.

We have 9 options including Drawstring, Zipper, Riveted and Knee Length…

Standard Men’s Latex Boxer Short Panties

Our first Latex Boxer Short Panties For Men choice are these ones made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex.

They feel smooth and soft and the Spandex mix means the pouch is comfortable and accommodating.

The material is quite breathable and suitable for all-day wear.

Available in 4 sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, as well as 3 colors, Black, Gold and Silver.

There’s also a button flap front option available here, in Black only.

Men’s Waist Drawstring Latex Boxer Short Panties

These covered elastic waistband drawstring boxers come in 3 sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Soft shiny fabric with a reasonable amount of give, good underwear and even club wear option.

Four colors to choose from, Black, Blue, Gold and Silver.

Note: Hand wash in cold water only is recommended.

A decent selection of size and color, a comfortable all-day any-day pair of Latex Boxer Shorts.

Men’s Frontal Drawstring Latex Boxer Short Panties

Another drawstring option, this time rather than just the waist, it’s frontal – For easier and full access.

These Faux leather Boxer Shorts come in two colors, Black and Gold, the drawstring is always Black.

3 size options are available, Small, Medium and Large.

The drawstring means comfort and plenty of give around the front whilst rear coverage is full and close fitting.

As well as underwear could also be used on the beach or even as swimwear.

Men’s Full Zip Latex Boxer Short

These full zip shorts allow frontal access and, if unzipped all the way, cheeky access to the rear too.

Made from Faux leather front and rear coverage is good and the fit is close.

Only available in Black with 4 sizes to choose from, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

A great fun pair of Latex Boxer Short Panties for men, suitable for both the bedroom and the club scene.

Men’s Frontal Zip Latex Boxer Short Panties

These Frontal Zip Latex Style Boxer Short panties for men actually consist of 2 off-center zips. Frontal access is possible by undoing either or both zips.

Quite low rise so suitable for all-day wear, especially as the material is soft and quite flexible.

The pouch is reasonably sized and should provide adequate accommodation for most.

A good pair of sexy feel good Latex Boxer Short Panties.

Eye Catching Latex Boxer Short Panties For Men

This eye-catching option has to the pick of our Latex Boxer Short Panties For Men.

Made from high quality, skin friendly, odor-free latex, these Boxer Shorts provide great coverage at the front and the back – All round skin tight comfort.

The only downside – Available in just one color, Black with a Yellow waistband and one size “fits most!”.

A great “stand out in any crowd” pair of Men’s Latex Panties.

Riveted Latex Boxer Short Panties For Men

Something a little different are these Riveted Latex Boxer Short Panties for men.

They’re made from patent leather with a flexible elastic waistband and generous pouch with cheeky access!

Available in Black, Gold, Blue and Silver plus 4 sizes, from Medium to XX-Large.

A great look and feel with cheeky access – Reasonably priced Latex Panties For Men.

Men’s Knee Length Full Zip Latex Boxer Short Panties

The first of our more complete coverage latex panties for men is this full zip option.

These knee length Latex Boxer Shorts are made from Faux Leather and Spandex, meaning they’re flexible and very comfortable.

Only once color option, as shown, but the size range is good, from Medium to Extra-Large.

The zipper provides full frontal access and, if unzipped all the way, full rear access too.

Men’s Knee Length Open Latex Boxer Short Panties

Great all round coverage and damned sexy! What’s not to like with these panties.

They’re made from 100% Natural Latex and provide excellent all-round coverage.

They come in just one color, Red, and just the one size “fits most”, the un-stretched waist measures about 30 inches.

A great looking fuller coverage close fitting pair of Latex Panties For Men, if you like Red!

Latex Underwear For Men

We have 2 Latex Underwear Bra and Panties Sets For Men…

Men’s Latex Trim Underwear – Bra And Panties

Our first Men’s Latex Underwear set is this option which is a mixture of Mesh and Latex.

The chest area of the bra and the rear of the panties, which are in a boyshort style, are made from a See-Through Mesh.

The rest of the Bra and Panties, including the trim, are made from a Faux Leather Latex look material.

Only available in Black but, there are 3 sizes to choose from, Medium, Large and Extra-Large.

A sexy and revealing Latex Underwear set for men.

Men’s Latex Underwear – Wet-Look Bra And Panties

This Wet-Look Set is made of Faux Leather to create a Shiny Latex look and feel.

Includes a bra with adjustable straps and a pair of bikini style panties with a comfortable elastic waist, both are “ruffle style”.

The material is lightweight, soft and comfortable.

4 sizes to choose from, Medium to Extra-Large, but just the one color, Black.

A shiny wet-look set of Latex Underwear For Men for those looking for more than just a pair of panties.

Latex Panties For Men – Here’s Those Top Picks Again…

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