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Nylon Tricot Panties – 5 For Women And 2 For Men:

Our Nylon Tricot Panties include Nylon Tricot Bikini Panties and Fuller Coverage options for women as well as 2 pairs of Men’s Nylon Tricot Panties…

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We hope you find the nylon tricot panties you are looking for…

Our Nylon Tricot Panty Picks…

Tricot is a material that can be made from Nylon or other fibres. By design, it is usually smooth on one side and less so on the other.

Being quite an unusual material it is not so easy to find panties specifically made from Nylon Tricot, but we did!

The most common Women’s Nylon Tricot Panties are…

  • Nylon Tricot Bikini panties
  • Fuller Coverage Nylon Tricot panties

We cover these options below, as well as a couple of Men’s Nylon Tricot panties at the end…

Note: 2 pairs of Nylon Tricot Hipster Panties have recently been brought to our attention – So they are also included below.

Nylon Tricot Panties – Top Picks…

Best Bikini Option…

Best For Coverage…

For Him…

More options below…

Nylon Tricot Bikini Panties

White Nylon Tricot Bikini Panties

First up is this Bikini Cut option – The main panty is a Nylon/Spandex mix and has a cotton lined crotch area.

All round coverage is adequate here and the material makes for nice flexible fit.

The panties are available in 3 colors; White, Beige and Black and come in 4 different sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

They’re machine washable but best to hang dry.

Plain Nylon Tricot Bikini Panties for women which provide good comfort and coverage.

Quality Nylon String Bikini Panties

These panties are quality from a quality brand, Calvin Klein.

These Nylon Tricot String Bikini panties can be bought as a pair or as a 3 pack.

They’re available in 3 individual colors; Bare, Black and White – If you choose the 3 pack (the best value option) you get all 3 colors. Also 3 sizes to choose from; Small, Medium and Large.

The waist being string may be a little off putting but it is not just sexy, it’s actually comfy too.

Comfort, quality and modest front and rear coverage.

Fuller Coverage Nylon Tricot Panties

Nylon Tricot Panties – 6 Pack

Here’s a “granny panty” – Actually it’s better than that! This is actually a Full Cut Nylon Tricot Panty 6 pack.

You can buy the pack as; 6 pairs of White, 6 pairs of Ivory, 6 mixed (this includes 2 Pink pairs, 2 Peach pairs and 2 Blue pairs).

A great range of sizes to choose from (4 to 13 for most pack options).

Machine wash and machine dry (on a low).

A great value Nylon Tricot Panty pack for full coverage and all round comfort.

Long Leg Nylon Tricot Panties

For free flowing comfort and coverage, a Long Leg Nylon Tricot Bloomer type panty is perfect – This option by the National brand is the best we could find.

These loose fitting panties are perfect for the summertime – To keep you cool under those loose fitting summer skirts and dresses.

This 6 pack comes in White only.

Machine washable.

Perfect summer dress underwear.

Nylon Tricot Panties – Boxer Short Style

Technically, this panty pick, is a Swim Short but it’s a great plus size Nylon Tricot Boxer Short style panty too!

The material is soft, loose fitting, nice to the touch and has plenty of stretch for all round comfort.

These shorts are hand wash (and drip dry) only but neither this point, or the price, shouldn’t put you off.

A quality loose fitting plus size Nylon Tricot Panty which can, of course, also be used as a Swim Short.

Nylon Tricot Hipster Panties

These 2 pairs of Nylon Tricot Hipster Panties have recently been brought to our attention – So, we decided to include them here…

Shadowline Nylon Tricot Hipster Panties

These Shadowline Hipster Panties are made from a 100% Nylon Tricot material.

They’re available in a good range of sizes, from 5 to 11.

There are 4 color options; Black, Ivory, Nude and White.

These can be put in the washing machine (warm wash with similar colors). They can also be tumble dried, on a low setting.

A quality modest coverage Nylon Tricot Hipster in a size to fit most.

Shadowline Nylon Tricot Hipster Pack

A 3 pack of hipsters – They’re made from “Soft silky 100 percent nylon tricot”.

A fuller coverage hipster, the pack is available in sizes 5 to 7.

There are 4 color options; Black, Ivory, Nude and White.

These can be washed in the machine but should be drip dried.

These Nylon Tricot Hipsters are also available as a PLUS SIZE (sizes 8 – 11) here.

Men’s Nylon Tricot Panties

Now, as promised, here’s those 2 Nylon Tricot Panties For Men…

Men’s Nylon Tricot Panties – Bikini Cut

These mens panties, and they are panties – Not underwear. They’re clearly Nylon Tricot panties made – Just for men.

They’re available in Black, White and Pink and in sizes Small, Medium, Large and, surprisingly an XXX Large!

As well as being made from Nylon Tricot, there’s a small lace trim around the waist and leg openings. Additionally, there’s a generous pouch at the front, just for him!

A sexy, yet practical, Nylon Tricot Panty for men that could be worn all day under almost anything.

Men’s Nylon & Lace Tricot Panties

Men’s Nylon Tricot Panties – Do not come much more feminine than this pair.

A Nylon and Lace Tricot Bikini Cut panty designed for men, obvious by the ample front pouch. Decent rear coverage and a front that should accommodate even the very well blessed.

These panties are available in 5 colors; Black, White, Blue, Pink & Red – And, 5 sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large.

Quite a daring lacy nylon panty that’s very obviously more feminine than it is masculine.

Nylon Tricot Panties – Here’s Those Top Picks Again…

Best Bikini Option…

Best For Coverage…

For Him…