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5 Boyshort options including Cotton, Plus Size and Packs, as well as 5 types of Brief including Cotton, Seamless and Packs…

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Our Panties With Pockets


  • 5 Boyshort Style Panties With Pockets
  • 5 Briefs With Pockets

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Panties With Pockets – Boyshort Style

First up, 5 Boyshort Style Panties With Pockets…

Panties With Pockets – Black Boyshorts 2 Pack

Our first Panties With Pockets choice is this 2 Pack made from a soft modal fabric which is both breathable and comfy.

The 2 zip pockets are located at the front, one on the right and on on the left, adequate for storing items such as Credit Cards, Passports, IDs and Cash.

Although only available in Black, there are 5 sizes to choose from, from Extra Small to Extra Large.

A decent pair of Panties With Pockets for work-outs to keep valuables close and safe.

Panties With Pockets – Black Plus Size Boyshorts 2 Pack

Another Boyshort option and again, a 2 Pack and again only available in Black.

These Panties With Pockets are made from 96% Cotton and 4% Spandex for a comfortable panty for all day wear.

The 2 front zip pockets, located off centre to the left and the right, both measure 4.5 inches by 5 inches.

A great selection of sizes including Plus Sizes – And you get 2 of them!

Panties With Pockets – Flesh Color Boyshorts 2 Pack

This Flesh colored Boyshort style underwear is available in 4 sizes, from Small to Extra Large.

The 2 front pockets feature high-quality zippers which are easy to open and close.

The non-binding waistband and soft fabric make these fine for all day wear.

If you’re daring enough, these Panties With Pockets can even be worn on their own as a pair of shorts.

Panties With Pockets – Cute Cotton Boyshorts

Panties With Pockets don’t come any more cute than this pair by Foxers.

They’re made from 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex to give a nice amount of stretch and a very soft all round feel. The 2 pockets of these lace trimmed leg panties are located on the sides.

Available in 6 sizes, from X-Small to XX-Large and over half a dozen color combinations.

The cutest of all the Panties With Pockets we could find.

Panties With Pockets – Seamless Boyshorts

This seamless option is only available in one color, Nude, but there are 4 sizes to choose from.

There are 2 secret pockets here – One at the front on the left and one at the rear on the right.

The rise is low enough for most outfits and the look and feel is pretty good too!

Each pocket has enough room for a cell-phone or Cash and ID – Great for a night out and for travelling too.

Briefs With Pockets

Looking for Briefs With Pockets – Here’s 5 great options including a Short Leg Full Coverage option…

6 Pack Of Briefs With Pockets

The first of our Briefs With Pockets choices is this 6 Pack made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

These comfortable high-waisted Briefs With Pockets have elegant laced edges and an intricate flower on the front.

There are 2 off centre front zip pockets with adequate room for Credit Card, ID and Cash.

Machine washable (on cold), hang dry is recommended.

A great value 6 Pack of Briefs With Pockets.

6 Pack Of Cotton Briefs With Pockets

This 6 Pack of Briefs With Pockets is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Spandex for soft but stretchy all round coverage.

The large front zip pocket has plenty of room to discretely store valuables including a passport.

The pocket here is so roomy it will comfortably accommodate an insulin pump.

Available in 7 sizes and a number of other color options.

Comfy and roomy – And, there’s 6 of them!

3 Pack Of Briefs With Pockets

This Tummy Flattening underwear, which also shapes and smooths, comes in a 3 Pack, Black, White and Nude.

The roomy front zip pocket is suitable for diabetics as it will easily accommodate an insulin pump.

It is also suitable for travellers with room for ID, a passport, cash and Credit cards.

7 size options, from Small to 4X-Large.

Our pick of the Briefs With Pockets, which is also available in a pack of 6.

3 Pack Of Cotton Briefs With Pockets

This 3 Pack of Period Briefs With Pockets is made from a soft and highly breathable material composed of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – There’s also a waterproof element.

The front open pocket, which is open and elasticated, comfortably accommodates pads, tampons and cups.

There are 3 size options, Extra-Small, Small and Medium.

A great comfy pack of Briefs With Pockets for use during the menstrual cycle.

Short Leg Full Coverage Briefs With Pockets

Time for something a little different, this Short Leg Full Coverage option.

These Briefs With Pockets are made from a lightweight fabric for comfort and a lovely silky feeling against the skin.

All round coverage is excellent and the 2 leg pockets are so roomy they can even accommodate a cell phone.

4 size options available in Nude and Black.

The best coverage Briefs With Panties we could find.

Panties With Pockets – Here’s Those Top Picks Again…

Best Boyshorts…

Best Briefs…

The Cutest…