Top 10 Pearl Panties Thongs And G Strings

Top 10 Pearl Panties:

Pearl Thongs, Pearl G Strings including 3 options from the leading brand Bracli lingerie featuring the Double Pearl thong…

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Why Pearl Panties?

Not sure anybody heard of Pearl Panties, before Samantha made them famous in Sex In The City – A series about 4 female New Yorkers and their sex lives.  Samantha being the one who really put the “sex” into “Sex In The City”.

If you don’t know or remember this famous episode – Where Samantha was introduced to (and introduced the world to) the Bracli pearl (the leading brand).  Here’s all the related clips rolled into a short video…

We feature 3 Bracli lingerie options later…

Pearl Panties – The Options

Pearl Panties come in 2 different kinds:

  • The Pearl Thong options and
  • Pearl G String options

Pearl Thong

Here, as well as the pearls there is also a supporting material. The material is usually open with the pearls running through the middle. Pearl thongs mean a little more comfort where it matters – Although, some will argue, they’re not exactly true Pearl panties.

Pearl G String

The genuine article!

No supporting material at all, where it matters. The only thing between you, your modesty and nature being a string of pearls.
Not so comfortable but – Generally considered a more truer Pearl panties experience than the “Pearl thong” option.

Our picks include panties from both options, as well as the famous Bracli lingerie brand…

Pearl Thong Options

The Pearl Thong not only includes a line of pearls, from front to back between the legs – It also includes some supporting material.

This provides for a more gentile introduction as there is considerably more comfort.

However, this does somewhat lesson the experience one gets from a Pearl G String.

Here’s 3 Pearl Thong options…

Plain Lace Pearl Thong Panties

Plain Lace Pearl Thong Panties

This plain option is made lace, made from Acrylic and Spandex – A stretchy comfortable material.  On the downside hand wash only is recommended.

It’s a one size fits most thong available in 4 colours, Black, Pink, Hot Pink and Purple.  It is noted that this one size is more a small/medium than anything else.

A good introduction to the erotica associated with pearl panties.

If you’re sure it’s for you, a 2 pack and 3 pack are also available.

Check them out

A “Big Pearl” Mesh Panty Thong

A Big Pearl Panty Thong

Most pearl panty options consist of one or two lines of smallish pearls.  This mesh panty thong is a little different as the pearls are about twice the size of those used in the other panties.

A little different to the standard options.

Again, one size fits all and again, hand wash only is recommended.

There are 4 colour options, Black, Blue, Red and White.

At less than a dollar – The price is right!

Check them out

A More Discreet Pearl Thong

A More Discrete Pearl Thong

If the initial thought of wearing pearl panties fills you with dread, fear no longer.

This low rise option has more supporting material than any other pair we found.  The string of pearls are hardly visible at all – Meaning the “pleasure” is a little more subdued too.

A decent range of size options and a total of 6 colour options.

Discrete, comfortable and probably the gentlest of introduction to the pearl panty experience.

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Pearl G String Options

The Pearl G String is – The genuine article!

Designed not just to be a bit naughty but – Specifically to provide a “sensual” experience to the wearer.

A line or two of pearls, usually from front to back, with NO supporting material at all. Don’t expect these to be comfortable – That’s not the point. Expect little front and rear coverage and more importantly – Expect a true pearl panty experience.

Many report intra-day orgasms whilst wearing these!

Here’s 4 Pearl G String options…

Front Loaded Pearl G String

Front Loaded Pearl G String

First up is a Pearl G String with a difference.

Typically the string of pearls run from the front to the back.  However this pair of single pearl panties are a little different in that the back is material, similar to the sides.

This means no pearls stuck up your rear – Not such a bad thing!

Plenty of colours to choose from and double pack options too.

Buying this as a gift – A gift wrapping service is also provided.

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A Basic Pearl G String Panty

A Basic Pearl G String Panty

The first “real” pair of Pearl panties, this Low Rise G String.

The single string of pearls run all the way from the front to the back.

A one size fits most panty (waist 25.2 – 33.6 inches) available in 6 different colours, Black, Blue Pink, Purple, Red and White.

Hand wash and dry only.

A naughty, cheeky pair of pearl panties that could be worn under most jeans.

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Double Fronted Pearl G String Panties

Double Fronted Pearl G String Panties

This string option is similar to the Front Loaded Pearl G String – Meaning the back is made from material, similar to the sides. So, once again you don’t have pearls stuck up your rear.

The main difference here is that rather than a single row of pearls, where it matters – There’s two rows.

One size is supposed to fit sizes 2 to 10.

A good number of colour options here – Including different combinations of material and pearl colour.

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High Rise Pearl Panties G String

High Rise Pearl Panties G String

A really sexy looking pair of Pearl panties – This High Rise String by Deargirl.

High Rise here means they’re not going to be particularly suitable under a pair of jeans.  Although not completely seamless you should get away with them under most skirts and dresses.

One size to fit most (sizes 2 to 10) and over half a dozen different colours.

Probably the most elegant of the Pearl G String options.

Check them out

Bracli Lingerie

Bracli Lingerie is the clear master of Pearl panties.

This is probably for 2 main reasons…

  • It was the brand Samantha used in that famous Sex In The City episode
  • There seems to be no other major brand in the market

Bracli claims to be “the quintessential underwear for women” – Combining elegance and sensuality, luxury and finesse; it’s gorgeous and desirable.

Anyone serious about Pearl panties will be buying from this collection and any reviewer worth their salt will be reviewing Bracli.  And, if you want an opinion and want to know how to get the best out of them, we’ve found no better guide than this one.

This brand comes at a price, they’re typically 4 – 5 times more expensive than alternatives.  That said though, they are head and shoulders above the almost non existent competition.

For those with the budget we’ve picked 2 Pearl thongs and a body from the Bracli Lingerie collection…

Note: Bracli use the term thong but in our opinion, with no supporting material – They’re more G string than thong.

Bracli Pearl Thong – Classic

Bracli Pearl Thong Classic

The Bracli Pearl “Classic” is, or at least was, the company’s flagship product – This is the actual product made famous by Samantha.

It’s designed to “stimulate the most sensitive body parts of women thanks to a collar located strategically: The pearls located at the bottom of the thong, besides giving a touch of elegance and distinction, will make you enjoy, because it has the function of massaging slightly the genital zone with the natural pearls’ freshness”.

The standard Bracli classic option.

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Bracli Your Night Double Pearl Thong

Bracli Your Night Double Pearl Thong

“Bracli Your Night” seems to be a label that simply means that – Rather than one row of pearls you get two with this option.

We see this as the main difference between this Your Night Bracli thong and the Classic version.

So, instead of one row of pearls there are two.  And like the classic version there are a number of sizes and 4 basic colours.

Want to make a set – There’s also a matching bra available which will suit this and the classic option.

Check them out

Bracli Your Night Double Pearl Body

Bracli Your Night Double Pearl Body

Bracli also have some other options including this sexy body option.

Being a Bracli Your Night means this is the double pearl option – “a double strap with pearls and a double function: stimulation for women and stimulation in a sexual relationship”.

As seems to be the norm with Bracli, there are a number of sizes (to fit most) and 4 basic colours, Black, Red, Ivory and White.

The ultimate Bracli Lingerie gift to surprise that special someone in your life.

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