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9 Silk Bikini Panties for women and 5 Silk Bikini Panties for men!

Our picks include Standard bikinis, String bikinis, Tie-side bikinis, packs and more…

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Silk Bikini Panty Picks…

Our Silk Bikini Panty picks include…

  • 5 Standard Silk Bikini Panties For Women
  • 4 String Silk Bikini Panties For Women

As well as 5 Silk Bikini Panties For Men!

Silk Bikini Panties – Top Picks…

Best Standard Fit…

Best String Option…

For Men…

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Standard Silk Bikini Panties For Women

Silk And Lace Bikini Panties

A pretty 100% Natural Silk Panty with a cute, decorative lace finish at the front.

These Silk And Lace Bikini Panties are available in 6 different colors; Beige, Light Green, Pink, Red, White and Black.

There are 5 size options ranging from Small to XX-Large.

They can be put on a cold wash but a hand wash is recommended – Lay flat to dry.

A quality standard fit silk bikini panty that’s decent value for money.

Embroidered Silk Bikini Panties

These Embroidered (Floral) Bikini Cut Panties are made from 100% Natural Silk with a loose elasticated waist.

For additional comfort, the crotch is double lined (in silk) and the best thing – You get 4 pairs in a pack. This works out as excellent value.

You get a Red pair, a Grey pair, a Yellow pair and a Black pair (for us, it’s a pity a White pair is not included).

A great value pack of 4 standard fit Silk Bikini Panties.

Silk Bikini Panties – In Over A Dozen Colors

These Bikini Style Panties are made from 100% Silk – Even the crotch is double layered in Silk.

Color wise, there’s a great selection (no less than a dozen) to choose from – Including Beige, Blue, White, Purple, Black, Silver and (Rose) Red.

They’re available in 5 sizes including Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

A real look good feel good Silk Bikini Panty in a great array of colors!

Standard Silk Bikini Panties For Women – Packs

Silk Spandex Mix Bikini Panties 6 Pack

In this 6 pack there’s a pair of Black, Light Plum, Purple, Soft Yellow and 2 pairs Taupe Silk Bikini Cut Panties.

A little more flexibility here as these panties are made from 93% Mulberry Silk and 7% Spandex,

More give and perhaps – Even a little more comfort than your usual Silk Bikini Panties.

And, you get 6 of them (just a pity one of them isn’t White) – Almost one for every day of the week!

Silk Bikini Panties 8 Pack

What a treat!  A Pack Of 8 – Yes, 8 Silk Bikini Panties in a pack.

Made from 100% Natural Silk these panties have a forgiving thin elastic waist band and similar leg bands. They’re more delicate than your usual Silk Panties and for additional comfort – The crotch area is double lined in the same material as the main panty.

In the pack, there’s a Black, Pink, Blue, White, Red, Cream, Yellow and Purple pair.

The only standard fit Silk Bikini Panty 8 pack we could find.

String Silk Bikini Panties For Women

Silk String Bikini Panties 8 Pack

This 8 pack of Silk String Side Bikini Panties are made from 100% Natural Silk and are great value.

In the pack, there’s a Black, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Cream, Turquoise Yellow and Pink pair. Great value – Which means you have a pair for every day of the week, and even one to spare!

Machine washable – But hand wash is recommended.

This pack of panties is also available as a Plus Size – The XXL size will fit waist size 38 – 41 inches.

Silk Floral String Bikini Panties 8 Pack

Most silk panties are plain in color which make this pack just a little bit different.

These String Side Silk Bikini Panties are still made from 100% Natural Silk and also have a slim elastic waistband – But these ones (you get 8 of them) have an attractive floral print.

Choose from a range of sizes, from Small to XX Large.

Great variety and value for a pack of 8 panties that’s just that little bit different!

Silk String Bikini Panties 3 Pairs

A great value pack of 3 – These String Bikini Panties are made from 100% Natural Silk.

There’s a little floral embroidery at the front and the rear, which provides moderate coverage, is plain.

There’s 3 different packs to choose from, Beige, White & Blue, Black, Red & Silver and Orange, Green & Black. Sizes run from Medium to XX Large.

A great value 3 pack of Silk String Bikini Panties.

Silk String Bikini Panties – Many Colors

These tie-side panties for women are quite naughty!

Made from 100% Natural Silk, even the crotch area is double lined silk – The sides are made of ribbons which can be tied and, of course, un-tied.

Available in 5 different sizes there’s over a dozen different colors to choose from – Such as Cream, Red, Pink, White and Blue.

Probably the naughtiest pair of Silk Bikini Panties for women – In a great range of colors.

Silk Bikini Panties For Men

Mens Silk Bikini Panties 3 Pack or 6 Pack

Our first Silk Bikini Panty pick for men is this economy pack.

The pack is available as a 3 pack or a 6 pack and comes in 4 sizes – From Medium to XX-Large.

In the 3 pack you get a pair of Red, Black and White panties which are all made from 100% Natural Silk.

In the 6 pack you get a pair of Black, Yellow, Red, Purple, Beige and Pink panties.

The 6 pack is particularly great value!

Mens Silk String Bikini Panties 4 Pack

These panties are a little bit of a half way house. They’re not a standard cut bikini and not really a true String Bikini – The waistband is actually a wide (and comfortable) 1 inch elastic.

Made from 100% Mulberry Silk you get 4 pairs in this pack – A Blue, Orange, Navy and Black pair.

There are 4 sizes available, from Small to Extra Large.

Something a little bit different – And, the price is right!

Silk String Bikini Panties – A 4 Pack For Men

Another string option for men – These String Bikini style panties are also made from 100% Natural Silk.

These panties are decent value – Because they come in a pack and there’s 4 pairs, a Pink, White, Beige pair and Blue pair.

There’s 4 sizes to choose from Medium (Waist 30-33 inches), Large (33-36), X-Large (36-40) and XX-Large (40-43).

These panties are hand wash only.

A decent value quality 4 pack.

“Milk Silk” Bikini Panties For Men

“Milk Silk” – Is actually not real silk, but a material that feels like silk and yes, it’s actually made from milk. But, don’t let that put you off, they don’t smell funny and they won’t melt or anything like that. In actual fact many can’t even tell the difference between Milk Silk and the real thing.

Mens “Milk Silk” Bikini Panties With Pouch

Our first “Milk Silk” Bikini Panties for men pick is this rather different (but quite sexy) pair.

The difference here is that rather than a roomier front – There’s a purpose made elongated pouch instead.

Available in Black or White, this one size fits most panty supposedly fits those with a waist measuring 24 to 39 inches – In reality it’s more like 26 – 32 inches.

A sexy alternative to your “run of the mill” Silk Bikini panty.

Mens “Milk Silk” Tie Side Bikini Panties

Here’s a rather naughty tie-side option – Milk Silk Bikini Panties for men, easy on, easy off!

These are a one size fits most panty – The guideline is that they are a size Small to Medium.

They feel really good on – A great bedroom panty that is actually comfy enough to wear all day too.

As well as a single pair there’s also a 4 pack and a 7 pack – One for every day of the week!

Silk Bikini Panties – Here’s Those Top Picks Again…

Best Standard Fit…

Best String Option…

For Men…