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Sports Panties picks for the top 7 activities for women

According to our research;
Yoga, Tennis, Workout, Gym, Running, Volleyball and Cycling panties…

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Sports Panties – The 7 Top Activities

These may not be the top 7 women’s activities – But, they’re the top 7 activities women are specifically looking to wear panties for.

The activities are in order of popularity…

Sports Panties For Yoga – A 3 Pack

Yoga is enjoyed by many and panty choice is important – Comfort, VPL and sweating being the obvious areas of concern.

These Long Leg Panties for Yoga come in a 3 Pack.  They are available in over a dozen colours and, the price is right.

They are 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, ensuring a great fit, comfort and great sweat absorption. Being long leg VPL is no concern.

At your next 3 yoga sessions – No worries about comfort, VPL or sweating.

Tennis Panties – Seamless “Shorts”

Tennis panties are the 2nd most popular type of Sport panties – Gone however are the sexy burlesque days of Chris Evert Lloyd.

It’s all about comfort now – Tennis Shorts, worn as panties are much more popular.

These Seamless Tennis Short Panties are perfect. Made from 96% Nylon and 4% Spandex to ensure your comfort and dryness.

They’re also machine washable and can go on a low dry too!

Sports Panties For A Workout

Quite a broad term, Workout panties – But these quality panties by Puma really are suitable for any kind of sport.

They’re comfortable, they’re seamless, they have a cotton lined crotch – And, you get 3 of them!

If you’re looking for a pack of panties for the gym or a general work out – There’s no reason to look any further than this.

Note: This option has replaced the previous Workout Seamless Mesh Panty 5 pack – Which is no longer available.

Mid-Rise Sports Panties For The Gym

Again quite a broad term, Gym panties – A chance for us to pick another pair of general Sports panties.

These Gym Mid-Rise Panties are full coverage ensuring comfort.

Available in half a dozen colours, including Black and White, although a little expensive – A quality sports panty which should not disappoint.

For those looking for a complete set – There are also a number of matching bras available, including a zip front option.

Running Panties – Runderwear, Just Great!

Runderwear! Great name and great panties. Our pick from their selection at present is this Seamless G-String.

The basics are…

  • Lightweight durable fabric for maximum comfort and no chaffing
  • Ergonomically designed for support where you need it
  • A moisture wicking transport system to ensure dryness

If the G-String is not for you there are other options – Including a Boyshort cut.

Sports Panties – Low Cut Volleyball Panties

A pair of Volleyball panties is not as easy to find as you might think! There are however these Volleyball Low Cut Panties by Asics.

Like most Volleyball panties they’re actually shorts, not panties.

They are low cut and are made from a, by now, all too familiar – Moisture wicking fabric with a “CoolMax” (again) crotch. However, they are machine washable and can even be put in the dryer too.

A reasonably priced, available in many colours, option for any Volleyball player.

3D Padded Cycling Panties

Like Running panties, Cycling panties are indeed, quite specific.

Padded is a real must and our pick are these Cycling 3D Padded Panties by Baleaf.

The focus again is technical – The result, improved padding and material for cycling panties designed to keep you comfortable and dry.

Suitable for cycling or a spin class, wear them under your favourite shorts or skirt.

These are also apparently just fine for rowing too – If that’s your game!

Sports Panties – Top Picks!

Best Long Leg…

Best All Rounder…

Best Padding…