C String Panty Picks: Feeling daring or just need to make sure there’s no VPL!

Our 10 picks include 6 C Strings For Women and 4 C Strings For Men…

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C String Panty For Women – Are You Sure!

OK, we know we have 6 String panty picks here for women – But, really, we see no reason for ever wanting to buy them. Maybe for men – Yes, but for women – No. We are in agreement with Sarah Barns at the Daily & Sunday Express in this article. And, here’s why…

All C String panty for women seem to claim that…

  • One size fits all
  • They’re comfortable
  • 1 is enough – There are no packs available
  • They can be worn under anything
  • There’s no VPL (Visible Panty Line)
  • They’re suitable for tanning

Well, before we look at our picks and why there’s no reason for ever wanting to buy these – Let’s have a look at the above claims (you can also check out this quite humorous article).

One size does not fit all – One size does not even fit most. One size, we believe would fit less than half of the female population – More like one size fits anyone from a size 8 – 12 (UK), 14 at a push.

They’re damned uncomfortable – For sure they’re uncomfortable to start with and after a while you may get a little used to them. But, start to move around – And they just aren’t comfortable, at all!

They cannot be worn under anything – For example, under a really tight dress or pair of trousers. Expect to see an obvious unsightly outline at the front.

No VPL – Perhaps this is true from the back and the sides. But, at the front – It’s not a certainty, see above.

They’re suitable for tanning – OK, an almost valid claim. They may be appropriate for a tanning booth – But, a C String panty on the beach, only for the really brave!

So, one size does not fit all and they’re not comfortable – And, they cannot be worn under anything and, VPL can be an issue (at the front).

But, here’s the real reason why you don’t want to buy these – The real fear factor…

The fear of those C String panties falling down!

Under a pair of trousers this is not an issue – But why on earth would you ever want to wear these under a pair of trousers? There are just so many other options – A seamless pair of Boyshorts or even a Thong, perhaps!

Under a skirt the same options above apply. If you really want no VPL though – With much less of a fear factor – Strapless panties are a far better option than a C string panty.

Under a skirt, a C String panty just feels like it’s not going to stay in place – Meaning it feels like it’s going to fall down.

Here’s the fear factor in the form of a great video review – Even scared to leave the house wearing them!

There’s just no reason for any woman to want to buy these!

For a man it’s a slightly different matter, see below.

However, if you must – First off, here’s the 6 picks for women we promised you…

Female C String Panty Options

Basic Lace C String Panty

First up, these are basic but, nonetheless, popular!

A little see through due to the lace so need to be trim down below!

There are over a dozen different colours to choose from.

A basic but popular option for those looking for a simple C String Panty.  And, as with most C Strings this comes as a “one size fits most”.

Not for everyday wear though!

Sexy C String Selection

Another option and a selection which actually does break the mould a little – This Sexy pair.

There’s a couple of plain colours as well as mixed colours – Such as a vibrant Yellow with a Black or Bright Green trim.

There’s also half a dozen Lace versions.

You be even more daring and consider the Bow design – Which basically means the front is almost completely open.

There’s also a Leopard Print option!

Fur C String

Another C String that’s not just run of the mill – This 3D Fur option.

The fur doesn’t mean they’re more comfortable – But, it does mean they’re just that little bit different.

The choices are – Leopard with Hot Pink fur, Blue with Blue fur, Hot Pink with Hot Pink fur, White with Yellow fur and finally, Yellow with White fur.

If you really want C String panties which are just a little bit different – These stand out.

Female C String Panty – Another Option

Another Lace C String option – This one is produced by Geoot.

Yes, until now, we’d never heard of them either!

As well as being available in Black and White, there are also half a dozen or so other colours to choose from.

Once again – There’s a Leopard Print option.

Women’s C String Panty – Bargain Basement

C String Panties - Bargain Basement

Most C Strings for women are priced above the $5 mark. These are considerably cheaper.

It does not seem that a lower price means lower quality – But, the colour and design options are more limited.

There’s a Spandex option in more than half a dozen colours – Sadly, you don’t get to choose!

And a sexier option.  You get to choose the colour – There’s a choice of Blue, Black, Pink, Purple and Green. And, there’s also a Pink Lace option.

C String Panties For Men – More Of A Reason

For men, there’s a more valid reason to own a C String because…

The fear factor is removed!

Men (usually) wear trousers – They do not have to worry about these falling down.

OK, so one size will, once again, not fit all – But it should fit most.

With more of a valid reason for men to own a pair of these – Here’s our 4 picks…

Men’s Lace C String Panty

Lace is by far the most popular C String material for women.

This is also true for men – So here’s a Lace option for men.

Not much else to say other than they’re available in 3 different colour combinations.

They’re available in Black trim and Red lace, Pink trim and lace or Black trim and White lace.

They’re very see-through!

Web Print C String For Men

Spiderman, Spiderman!

Well, OK, not quite spiderman but close enough!

Here’s a something different – Black Web Print option – Just for men.

Strangely there is no mention here at all about material, actually there’s very little description wise here at all!

Regardless of the lack of detail perhaps they’re fine for a treat for the Trick or Treat season!

Lace & Sequins For Men

Another Lace option, this time an “invisible” (to whom!) Lace & Sequins pair.

Quite different from the run of the mill lace option – Still made mainly from Lace, they’re also embroidered with tiny sequins.

Over half a dozen colour options also make these stand out – Black, White, Pink, Yellow, to name a few.

Again, one size supposedly fits most!

These are also very see-through!

Male C String Panty – A Furry Option!

Last but not least – this Fur option for men.

What’s to say – They’re furry! And, they actually look even more “girly” than the Lace version.

The girliest and, arguably, sexiest of the men’s C String picks.

Of course – They’re not real fur!

C String Panty – Top Picks!

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