Strapless Panties Guide And Top 4 Picks

Strapless Panties – What they are, how to wear and care for them. Answers to your questions and 4 picks from the top brands for her and him!

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Strapless Panties – New Addition

Strapless panties are the newest addition to our Panty Styles Guide. This is about as close as you can get to going commando (wearing no panties at all) without actually going commando. They are also popularly referred to as a Strapless thong or a Strapless string.

Most Popular Colour / Material – Skin tone / Nylon and elastane mix

Coverage – The least coverage of all Panty styles, almost none at all

Wear – Under a tight dress, tight skirt or tight trousers for no VPL

Don’t Wear – Under a dress or a skirt until you are super confident

Designed to be completely “no show” this is certainly true for the sides where there is no waist band at all. At the front and at the back this is also most likely to be the case than with any other panty. You can probably, for the first time, confidently expect no Visible Panty Line (VPL) at all, a perfect silhouette no matter what you wear.

In the news…

If you believe everything you read, Strapless Panties are apparently now being worn on the runway, by Hugo Boss models (according to the Express) and even the cast of 50 Shades Of Grey. We have to admit, we found no reason to believe the latter. Strapless Panties are also becoming increasingly popular as bridal wear. This is due to wedding dresses becoming more figure hugging and at times, more revealing.

Not so popular Down Under…

The popularity of panties, knickers and undies is, as defined in our Panty Styles Guide, 76%, 18% and 6% respectively. For Strapless panties / knickers / undies this changes to 92% / 7% / 1%. This makes it quite apparent that Strapless undies have not yet really taken off Down Under. Perhaps this is due to the generally warmer climate. Are our Australian friends maybe concerned with the potential “sweat” and “slippage” issues we cover later?

So, What Are Strapless Panties And How Do You Wear And Care For Them

Before the Strapless Panty came along the closest we got to this was the “C string panty”. These panties relied on the under wired bra type material and the tension from that material. An uncomfortable and impractical experience for most.

Strapless panties, similar to the C string are, without a waist band. Think, a standard Thong or String, more like the latter, but with no waist band at all. Unlike the C string however, the Strapless panty is held in place by “double sided sticky tape”. OK, that’s the crude answer. The more appropriate answer is it is held in place by an advanced silicone adhesive. This may sound like they are a “use once throw away” product but all brands claim to be washable and reusable (about 20 times). The exception to this is the “peel and toss” option by Shibue Couture.

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Clean and dry your skin. Dry skin in the area of application is very important to ensure the adhesive can stick, and stick well.

Do not use any lotions, oils, powders, or fragrances.

Note: As with all creams or adhesives you are considering applying to any area of your body, caution is advised. Do not, for example, use on damaged skin or if you have an existing skin condition.

It is well worth considering wearing these panties around the house once or twice before you actually wear them for the first time in public. This is not just to check for a reaction but also to get used to the feeling.


Remove the adhesive backing from the front and the back.

Position the front in the desired area, like where a pair of low rise panties sit. Press firmly onto your skin.

Pass the back through your legs and then press it in place on or slightly above your tail bone. Once again this will be at a similar height to where low rise panties would sit.

Removal And Care

Where the panties are stuck to your skin, gently peel away the back and then the front.

Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap and lay flat to dry.

Once dry, place the protective liner back on the adhesive. Store as you would your other panties. Do try not to lose that protective liner!

Your Strapless Panties Questions Answered


Yoga, cycling, jogging, hitting the dance floor on holiday is typically not an issue. The panties are quite absorbent due to the cotton lining. Assuming the adhesive area was dry when the panties were applied, they should stay where you expect them to.


It is best to apply the panties to a smooth hairless area. A little hair and you should be fine but generally speaking a smooth, meaning hair free, surface is most suitable.

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The Bathroom

Strapless panties can be gently peeled off from either end and then reapplied shortly after with little problem. The front may seem like the logical place to start here. However, in our experience, it is much more practical to reach between your legs and gently peel off the back. Then, pass it under your legs and hold it in front of you until you are finished doing what you need to do. After ensuring you are dry, pass the back through your legs again and re-apply as before.


It takes a while to have confidence in your Strapless panties. Sure, they physically feel like they will not slip and sure, the adhesive is good when the panties are applied correctly. However, under that tight dress or skirt it is always on your mind that you have panties with no waist band that could slip, or even fall down! This becomes even more of a concern the more active or sweaty you become. A few nights out and you’ll soon forget about it but don’t expect a mind free premiere outing!

Top 4 Strapless Panty Brands

At the time of writing there were 4 brands producing Strapless panties and by far the market leader was Shibue Couture. None of the major brands, Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer, etc. are yet in this market space. Not sure we can see a Calvin Klein Strapless panty on the shelves soon but, stranger things have happened.

There are of course Chinese versions available but they are sub standard to say the least. Remember, you are going to stick this garment on skin near your most sensitive regions. What you need is quality and reliability. The last thing you need is something that irritates you, something you cannot get off. Even worse would be something that comes off without you wanting it to. Best avoid cheap imitations!

NOTE: The Stanga brand is no longer available, we have replaced it with a new brand – Envy.

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Shibue Couture – The Strapless Panties Market Leader

Made from “high quality laser cut fabric with a cotton liner” Shibue Couture is the leading Strapless panty brand in the world at present. Its CEO Jenny Buettner founded the brand on the basis she “designed the world’s first and only no line strapless panty”. Other headlines are used such as “Say good-bye to panty lines forever” and “Shibue will have you covered”. The flagship headline however is “We didn’t cross the line… We erased it!”.

The fact they are the leading brand is reflected by their range of styles, colours and sizes.

Shibue No Line Strapless Panties Classic

This classic version of the Shibue is available in 5 sizes and comes in 3 colours, Black, Mocha and Nude.

Note: Sadly we can find no size guide for Shibue. We can say though that our Medium was perfect on what is a sometimes 8, sometimes 10, panty size body.

Shibue No Line Strapless Panties In Lace

No big differences here except the base material is lace. Doesn’t seem to be available in Extra Large for some unknown reason. It does however come with a few additional colour options, Blush, Red and White.

Shibue Sparkly Strapless Panties

Difference here is the choice of colour, the “sparkly” version is available in Green, Pink, Red and Silver, and of course it is also sparkly! Doesn’t seem to be available in Extra Small or Extra Large, again for some unknown reason.

Shibue Peel And Toss Strapless Panties

Just over a dollar a pair the “peel and toss” version comes in a box of 36. You get 12 Extra Small/Small, 12 Small/Medium and 12 Medium/Large pairs in the colour of your choice, Nude or Black.

These panties are suitable for wearing just once. Suggestions for usage include spa days, massages and spray tanning, just hope you don’t need to use the toilet before you get there!

As a note, we have absolutely no idea why the box consists of 3 different sizes! Are they perhaps for sharing with a friend? A Christmas gift for someone planning a new year diet? No idea!

Hibue For Men Strapless Thong

Yes, you read it right it’s a Shibue without the “s” meant for he and not she. With more room at the front for the obvious reason, these are not much different to the Shibue Classic (for women). They are available in S/M (Small/Medium), M/L (Medium/Large), and L/XL (Large/Extra Large). Yet again, sadly, there is no reference to what each size actually relates to in the real world. Available colours are Black, Mocha and Nude.

At least if your man insists you try a pair of Strapless panties you can oblige with a pair for him too.

Hush Strapless Panties

Seemingly the second most popular strapless panty brand. Hush strapless panties allow you to “wear your most revealing ensemble with no embarrassing panty lines”.

Here’s a video which also shows you how to wear them…

Claiming to be “totally invisible even with the skimpiest of your sexy outfits” they are made from an 82% nylon 18% spandex blend.

Just like the Shibue Couture option they also have a 100% cotton lining.

Size wise, Small/Medium are available, which fit sizes 4 – 10 and Medium/Large, which fit sizes 6 – 14.

Colour is decided for you as they come in a twin pack which contains one Nude pair and one Black pair.

Envy Strapless Panties

Envy Strapless panties have replaced the Stanga Strapless panties which are no longer available – And, it’s for the better…

These panties by Envy are re-usable (20 times or more) and of course they promise no panty lines.

They’re available in 4 sizes; X Small, Small, Medium, Large/X Large – And, 3 colors; Nude, Black or White.

As with most Strapless panties hand wash only is recommended.

Best value is the 3 pack in which you get a pair in each color.

Braza Strapless Panties

The last of our brands is Braza who offer many other products such as bra’s, up lifters, pads and even a novelty solution for “camel toe”.

Their strapless panties are, like the other brands, advertised as washable and reusable.

They are available in 5 sizes, Extra Small (0 – 4), Small (4 – 6), Medium (8 – 10), Large (12 – 14), Extra Large (16 – 18).

Colour options are Beige and Black.