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Best Cat Panties: Over 15 top picks for women which include;

12 packs, Cat Face panties, Cat Print panties, Kitty cat panties, Leopard panties and more…

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Cat Panties – Cute, Sexy & A Bit Of Fun

Cat panties are mostly bought because they’re cute.

They’re also quite sexy and a bit of fun.

Our picks include…

  • 2 packs (of 12)
  • Cat Print panties
  • Funny Cat panties
  • Leopard panties
  • 3 alternatives

And a cute and sexy lingerie option…

2 Cat Panties 12 Pack Options

12 pack options, both by Angelina.

12 Pack Of Winking Cat Panties

The panties in this pack of Bikini style panties by Angelina are made from 92% cotton and 8% spandex. They sit comfortably on the hips and provide good rear coverage.

They feature a winking cat (with glasses on) on the front and a similar larger version on the back.

There are 6 colours, Green, Orange, White, Yellow, Blue and Black and you get two of each.

A cure panty drawer refresh – Perhaps!

12 Pack Of Plain Cat Panties

The panties in this pack of Bikini style panties by Angelina are made from the same material as the others – They also provide the same sit the same and provide the same coverage.

These panties are more discreet featuring a small full size cat, wearing a cute bow – Just on the front.  The back is plain.

Again there are 6 colours, this time, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Black and, again, you get two of each.

A more discreet pack of Cat panties.

Cat Print Panties

Cat Print panties have become quite popular recently.

There are so many options to choose from, the variety is pretty much endless.

Here’s 3 of the best picks…

Cat Face Panties – Escaping

This seamless option features an “escaping” cat – Which seems to be tearing through the front of the panties.  The rear is plain.

Quite a few colour options – Including a Black, Red, Cream and Pink option (as shown).

These fit just below the hips and rear coverage is decent enough.  You shouldn’t have to worry about panty line under a pair of jeans.

There’s also a Black, Pink and Blue 3 pack available.

Cute Black Hipster Cat Panties

This pair of novelty panties are “Cheeky & Cute Hipster Style Panties” – Just so so cute!

These panties are laser printed by machine and are hand finished by us, hand checked by us and hand posted by us.

They’re black and feature a Russian Blue Cat on the front.  The rear is blank and coverage is modest.

One size only – US 6 – 10, UK 8 – 12.

Cute, comfortable and sexy too!

Blue Eyes White Cat Panties

This pair of with “blue eyes” panties in white, also by MaybeThisPair, are also Hipster style.

Also, laser printed, they’re again hand finished by us.

They’re available in white only and feature a the full size face of a cat with BIG Blue eyes on the front.  The rear is blank.

Again, one size only – US 6 – 10, UK 8 – 12.

Comfy and a nice surprise for your partner.

Funny Cat Panties

Funny Cat panties – Ones, more or less, intended to raise a smile!

White Meow Cat Face Panties

Here’s a full coverage “Granny panty” option available in white only.

These panties provide plenty of coverage at the rear and sit just below the belly button.

The front is blank and the back features a kind of cat face with ears and whiskers.  The nose is in a rather suggestive position!

Soft material and seamless – They’re machine washable but a hand dry is recommended.


Comic Seamless Cat Panties

Full coverage again with these Seamless Comic panties made from 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex.

They feature 2 cats of opposing colours on the rear – Which are both looking at each other, seemingly from one of your cheeks to the other.  The front is plain.

Available in one colour only, Grey (officially Ash) – There are 4 size options, from Small to Extra Large.

A good choice for all day comfort or even for sleeping in.

Keep Calm And Love Cats Panties

The last of our full coverage “Granny panties” picks are these sexy black hipster style ones.

The front is plain.  The rear features a small cat outline with the logo “Keep Calm And Love Cats” underneath.

Made from 90% Cotton, they’re available in 4 different sizes.

Good coverage and comfortable too.

A decent gift for that short fused cat loving girlfriend!

Meow Multi-Coloured Cat Panties

Say Meow with these multi-coloured “meow” panties.

The rear has the word “Meow” with the “o” being a cat face – The front is plain.

Made from 95% Cotton, there are 3 colour options.

They can be put in the washing machine machine (on low) but, as with all panties, should be hand dryed.

A great boyshort cat panty option by American Apparel.

Eat Meowt Pun Cat Panties

Here’s some quite humorous “pun” panties – “Eat Meowt” being a play on “Eat Me Out”!

These low-rise boyshort cut panties are made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – With a 100% Cotton crotch lining.

Available in 4 colours, Fushia, Orange, Red and Turquoise.

They come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Eat meowt! Buy them and see if your partner gets the hint!

Leopard Panties

OK, they’re not exactly Cat panties but they are a types of cat and, Leopard panties are very popular.

Here’s 3 picks to suit most panty styles and shapes – All by the popular brand, Maidenform

Lace Back Leopard Tanga Panties

First of all, for those looking for leopard and not much coverage, this pair of Nylon/Lace Leopard Tanga panties by Maidenform.

Machine washable, they’re rather delicate so low only – And hand dry only.

Strangely, although definitely designed and meant for women, these seem quite popular with men too – Apparently being stretchy and roomy at the front!

Anyway, if you want leopard and you got the butt – These are for you.

Mid-Rise Leopard Hipster Panties

More coverage here with these mid-rise Leopard Hipster panties, again by Maindenform.

These are a popular panty, particularly for their decent coverage and comfort.  So, if you don’t want leopard, don’t worry, there’s plenty of other options including Black, Beige, Ivory and Pearl.

They also have the advantage of being machine washable.

Comfort and style in leopard print and many other colours.

Seamless Leopard Boyshort Panties

The final pick from Maidenform in the leopard department – This Boyshort option.

Mid-rise, seamless and 87% polyamide.

Great coverage, truly comfortable and, if you don’t fancy leopard, there’s many other designs too.

These panties are hand wash only.

Again, for some strange reason, they seem popular with men – So, what’s stopping you? Why not get a pair for the pair of you!

Alternative Cat Panties

So, they’re not exactly cats, but they’re certainly worth including…

Puma Laser Cut Cat Panties

The most famous of all “cat” brands, there’s these Sports panties by Puma which are supposedly “moisture wicking”.

They’re made from 65% Nylon and 35% spandex and come in a 3 pack.  That’s 3 different coloured panties, Purple, Blue and Black.

Size wise, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

If it’s panties for sport you’re looking for check out our selection of panties for different sports.

Hello Kitty Panties – Boyshorts

Kitty cat panties, well, OK, Hello Kitty panties!

There’s this boyshort option by Hello Kitty Intimates. The Hello Kitty graphic at the front/side is really stand out.

Available in 2 sizes and Black only.

These panties are probably best for a – You want to feel a little cheeky, cute, girly day. Maybe even a lazy, lying around the house Sunday, too!

Seamless, comfortable and cute!

Low Rise Bikini Tiger Panties

One of the big cats!

Our pick are these Low-Rise Tiger panties – You get 3 of them, in White, Camel and Fuschia.

They’re made from a soft Cotton blend and are hand wash, hand dry only.

If you don’t want 3 or you want a different colour or style, there are other options available.

Quality and a decent price for a 3 pack of tiger panties.

Cute And Sexy Cat Lingerie

This is the cute and sexy lingerie option we promised you!

A Bra/Vest Crop top and panties set where the emphasis on cat is in the Crop top – Where the open cat face and whiskers really stand out – Especially for those well blessed up top.

Available in Black or White, the outfit comes in just one size. The panties, with little cat ears at the front, are tie-side – And, for completeness, a matching collar and bell is included.

For cat lovers this is just – So cute, so sexy and so different!

Cat Panties – Top Picks…

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