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Fancy Panties, for a “something different day” – Our Top 10 includes;

Striped, Camouflage, Leopard, Floral and Plaid, even Strawberry and Neon panties…

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Fancy Panties – A “Something Different Day”…

Fancy panties can be for normal everyday wear – Unlike our Naughty panty picks which are for the bedroom only!

Fancy panties, for us – Are just panties that aren’t plain.

Maybe you just want to look a little different – Feel a little special – Perhaps a little naughty!

YOU just feel like a “Something Different Day”!

Let’s start – In order of popularity…

Fancy Panties – 12 Pack Of Stripes

Top of the Fancy panties list – For something a little different are – Striped panties.

These Striped panties by Angelina from our Striped panties picks fit the bill.

The bikini cut sits just on the hips and offers decent coverage. Made from 92% Cotton and 8 % Spandex – For comfort and a bit of stretch!

And, the best thing – It’s a 12 pack. There’s 12 of them – At current prices that’s a couple of dollars a pair!

Camo Panties & Camouflage Panties

Although Striped panties are twice as popular – Camo and Camouflage panties are also a firm favourite.

Why though, are they so popular? Girls surprising partners who are in the armed forces – Perhaps!

This “Mossy Oak Break-Up” Thong like other Weber Camo underwear is a popular choice.

Other Weber Camo underwear options include – Matching bras and tops as well as Boy short and Bikini panty options.

Leopard Panties and Leopard Print Panties

Not a huge difference and equally as popular as Camo panties – Leopard and Leopard print panties.

Camo seem the more sensible of the two, but, if you really must – These Leopard Crotchless panties are available in Coffee or Grey leopard. They’re also available in Army green and other plain colours.

The only potential downside here is they’re only available in one size (Small – Medium).

Not for the faint hearted!

Fancy Panties – Feminine & Floral

Fancy panties make you feel a little more feminine. Not so easy if you have to wear the same dull uniform every day.

But, underneath – There are no rules! No rules means that if you want to feel a little more feminine, off you go!

These Climacool Cheekster panties are lightweight, soft, stretchy and comfortable and very feminine – By the Adidas brand.

And, if it’s not flowers you’re after, there’s other options – Including striped and plain old black!

Plaid Panties – We Say Tartan!

You say Plaid panties – We say Tartan panties!

It doesn’t really matter, these Plaid/Tartan Boyshort panties by Freya are super sexy – And actually very comfortable.

They’re actually more like a cross between a pair of Boyshort panties and French knickers. This is due to the loose fitting leg design – Which means VPL is little or no issue. Sexy and seamless!

Should you wish – There’s also a matching bra.

Strawberry Panties – And A Couple Of Others Too

There’s not many of us who don’t like a strawberry or two – The word itself can even make the mouth water!

In the right place they just look real cute too – A strawberry tattoo for example. Strawberry panties can also be cute!

This 3 pack by Jadea includes not just a pair of Strawberry panties – But, also a Tropical fruit and a Citrus fruit pair.

Fancy panties to make you feel a little different, a little special, whichever pair you decide to wear!

Heart Panties – In This “Weekend” Away Pack

Think of Heart panties and you think cute!

So, go ahead – Be different and cute with this Party Weekend 3 Pack by Escante.

The Heart panties in the pack are quite cute – But also, quite naughty!

However, things get even naughtier. Included in this 3 pack are 2 other pairs – An Open Crotch Boyshort and a Crotchless Mesh Bikini panty.

A cute and racy pack of 3 for, as the name suggests – A (naughty) weekend away!

Fancy Panties – A Neon Option

Neon panties anyone?

You’re going to be wearing these for one of 2 main reasons – One, just because you can – Two, for a bit of a giggle.

You don’t get much more neon than these Seamless Boyshorts.

Made mostly from microfiber they are a one size fits all panty.

If neon is not for you, there are plenty of other – Plain (boring) options to choose from!

Zebra Panties and Zebra Print Panties

As with Leopard and Leopard print panties – Why are these so popular?

Well, at least Maidenform see the need with this All Lace Zebra Print Thong.

This low rise thong is made mostly from nylon but has a, necessary, 100% Cotton crotch lining.

With plenty of stretch, it’s a one size fits most panty.

These fancy panties are machine washable and available in many other designs too.

Off The Wall – Cat Face Fancy Panties

Say Meow with these multi-coloured cat “meow” panties are an “off the wall pick”.

The rear has the word “Meow” with the “o” being a cat face – The front is plain.

Made from 95% Cotton, there are 3 colour options.

They can be put in the washing machine machine (on low) but, as with all panties, should be hand dryed.

A pair of boyshort fancy panties by American Apparel.

Fancy Panties – Top Picks!

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