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Striped Panties For Women: When one colour’s just not enough

Our 9 picks include; Packs for a Panty drawer refresh, big, cute, g-string and designer options…

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Striped Panties – The Most Popular Fancy Panties

Top of our Fancy, for a something different day, panties list are Striped panties.

Quite simply, panties with stripes – Stripes that are usually horizontal and 2 different colours.

Strangely, they’re also it seems popularly known as Shimapan in Japan and in the “anime” world.  Shimapan is, according to the Urban Dictionary, an abbreviation of shima-pantsu (striped panties).

Here’s 9 quite different striped pairs…

A Striped Panties 12 Pack – At A Great Price

Striped panties aren’t always a one off purchase. Some want a pack, a Panty drawer refresh – With a difference.

These Striped Bikini style panties by Angelina sit just on the hips and offer decent coverage. Made from 92% Cotton and 8 % Spandex – There’s a little bit of stretch and plenty of comfort.

If stripes aren’t for you, there’s loads of other options.

And, the best thing – It’s a 12 pack. There’s 12 of them!

Another Striped Panties Pack – 6 Of Them

Here’s another pack of Striped panties – An alternative Panty drawer refresh.

This time there’s only 6 of them, not 12.

These Striped Cotton Bikini Panties by Javel work out about 3 dollars a pair and make for a more interesting refresh than plain packs.

Made from 95% Cotton, the rest is Spandex making them really comfortable.

They’re machine washable and, if you wish, you can also give them a light tumble dry.

A Striped Granny Panty Option

Well, they’re the most popular panty style according to our research – So, it makes sense to include Striped Granny panties.

These Striped Granny panties by Heiress are made from a 100% Soft Combed Cotton – Full coverage and very comfy.

They’re machine washable and can also be tumble dried – On low.

There are many size, as well as plain colour options – Including Black, White and Pink.

Bonus – You get 2 for the price of 1!

Cute Striped Panties – For Him Or Her

Now these Light Blue and White Stripe panties are cute and yes, you read it right – They’re for Him or Her!

Why for Him or Her? Well, they’re classed as “generic” and there’s also mention of Cosplay.

Anyway, whether you are male or female, these are super cute. The only downside is they come in a “one size (think US size 4) fits all” option – Rather small!

Go on, spoil yourself – And your partner!

Don’t want to buy them!

Want a bit of fun – Make your own…

A Different Kind Of Stripe – Marvel Panties

This pair of Marvel panties are quite cool – They feature 2 popular Marvel characters, the Hulk and Captain America.

The cut is more Boyshort than anything else.

The downside – They’re a “one size (medium US 6) fits all”.

The upside – There’s 2 more options, Spiderman and Captain America.

Not cheap – But striped, comfy and quite cool.

Simple – A Striped G-String!

G-strings are not as popular as they used to be but here’s a Striped G-String option anyway!

Not so easy finding a Striped G-String – Until we came across this Pari Stripe G-String by Velvet Kitten.

Clever – The stripes are in the trim.

A simple Black and White Striped (trim) G-String – That’s actually quite sexy!

Complete the look – A matching bra is also available.

Striped Panties – A More Expensive Option

These Striped “Climacool” Cheekster panties by Adidas are most practical!

Made from 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex – These Striped panties are lightweight, soft and stretchy.

“Climacool” also mean you’ll be feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

If you don’t like these stripes you can also go for the Purple or Sun Glow stripe options.

Not cheap – But, most practical.

Striped Panties – A Designer Option

There’s a few higher end, non pack, designer Striped panty options – But not many.

These Ruched Striped Bikini panty option by Tommy Hilfiger are made from 95% Cotton.

They’re also machine washable, although as they are quite delicate – A hand wash is probably best.

A quality pair of cute, sexy, comfortable Striped panties.

A 3 Pack Of Striped Designer Panties

One last pair of Striped panties, actually a reasonably priced pack of 3 – By another well known designer.

Everyone knows the Polo brand and there’s this 3 Pack of Bikini style panties by Polo – An almost full coverage panty.

They’re 96% cotton – You get a striped Navy/White striped pair and 2 others, one Grey, one Red.

For the name and the quality – Not bad value at all!

Striped Panties – Top Picks!


Best Value Pack…

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