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Panty Styles!  Are you up to date?

Do you know the difference between a Thong and a Brazilian? How do you define a pair of “Granny panties” these days?

Perhaps you are just looking for a new pair of panties and some inspiration…

Panties, Knickers & Undies, Why No Briefs?

We just don’t agree with wikipedia and think it’s high time they changed this guide.

This Panty Styles Guide is also applicable to Knickers and Undies. But, it is NOT based on…

  • the popularity of the current hottest items on Amazon
  • some fashion survey
  • an online poll
  • a top brands latest sales figures
Panties Knickers And Undies Why No Briefs 1280x720

It’s based on search data.

We consolidated the search data for…

  • “… panties”,
  • “… knickers” and
  • “… undies”

It would be rare for someone in the UK to refer to their underwear as “panties”.

Aussies of course prefer the term “undies”.

It would have been unfair just to use “… panties” as that would leave us focusing only, in the main, on US data.

We used the data from all 3 terms to make a consolidated Panty Styles guide.

Why No Briefs?

Well, the term is just no longer as popular as it used to be.

More popular is the appropriate local term, panties, knickers or undies.

The Panty Styles

Panties are now generally defined by the rear coverage they provide.

Front and side coverage plays some part but generally speaking rear coverage is the key factor.

For this reason we do not include High Cut, Low rise, etc. in our Panty Styles. These are, in our opinion, types of panties. This is because they are not specific, they can be appropriate to more than one style. As an example, a High Cut Thong panty, a Low Rise Bikini panty, and vice versa.

The Top 12 Panty Styles

Our Top 12 Panty Styles 1280x720

So, there you have it!

Granny panties are the current official Number 1 Panty style!

Closely followed by French panties and the Thong. Of course “Thong” on its own is much more popular than the Top 2. However, on its own a Thong can relate to beach wear or under wear.

This guide is all about panties people are actually looking for, “… panties”, “… knickers” and “… undies” across the globe.

Top 12 For Each Term…

Top 12 Panties Knickers And Undies Styles 1280x720

So, not surprisingly, it’s a Top 3 appearance for Granny panties, Granny knickers and Granny undies.

French knickers and French undies but not French panties make the Top 2.

The only “nul point” was for “bloomers undies”!

Makes sense that it’s perhaps too hot Down under for such coverage. Either that or “vintage” just isn’t popular there just yet!

Granny Panties

Granny Panties Style 1280x720

The winner, and top of the panty styles, by a whisker over French panties are Granny panties – Huffington Post agree!

Reportedly gaining in popularity – Our guide clearly confirms Granny panties are definitely “in”.

So, how do we class panties as being Granny panties?

For us it’s quite simple…

There’ll be lots of coverage at the front, sides and the rear. At the front, they’ll sit just above, or just below, the belly button.

With this much coverage, it’s all about comfort and feeling good. Although this is true – It’s also true that many of us actually want “sexy granny panties”. So, although comfort is key – Feeling (and looking) sexy is a very close second.

The most popular colour by far is Pink and most popular materials are, in order; Nylon, Lace, Sheer.

Maybe this pair…

Proof that Granny panties can be sexy, this pair by Affinitas fits the bill.

Available in 6 sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and in 7 different colours, including Icy Blue and Wild Rose, shown.

These beautiful panties are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. They provide great overall coverage and sit just below the belly button. A matching bra is also available.

And – If the Granny panty option is not for you they’re also available in a Bikini cut.

French Panties

French Panties Style 1280x720

The second most popular of 12 panty styles – In the US they’re more commonly referred to as “tap pants not “French panties”.

They’re bought, like Granny panties, for comfort, usually in silk or satin.

Coverage is once again key, French panties provide full rear coverage.

The reason they’re so comfortable – They usually only fit to the skin around the waist. The leg fitting is usually loose with no elastic.

The most popular colour is Black, followed by Red and White.

Maybe this pair…

Our pick here, Nancies Satin French Knickers (knickers being a more popular term than panties). 100% polyester (satin, with a lace trim) these retro style panties are available in white, red and black.

Size offerings include Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large covering dress size 8 to 22.

Thong Panties

Thong Panties Style 1280x720

Thong panties provide almost no coverage at all. They’re usually defined as having sides about an inch (a couple of centimetres or so) wide. The rear band, the bit that goes between the cheeks, is a similar width.

This naturally means that thongs are NOT designed for comfort. In actual fact, for many, they’re damned uncomfortable.

One of the reasons they became so popular was a 90’s fascination – Avoidance of VPL (Visible Panty Line) at all costs. There’s also the case that on the perfect posterior they are super sexy – But this hardly applies to the majority of the population now, does it?

These days with the emergence of new materials there is really no reason to wear a thong though.

Many more comfortable panty styles, in the right colour and material, now offer a no-VPL alternative.

Maybe this pair…

If you’re comfortable wearing a thong, as some are – There’s a valid case for a pair or two in your Panty drawer.

In particular that White/Skin/Nude Low rise thong for wearing under your favourite pair of jeans.

The invisibles thong by Calvin Klein though is available in 4 different sizes and at least a dozen different colours including this Carolina pair.

The Hipster option provides a bit more coverage.

Hipster Panties

Hipster Panties Style 1280x720

Hipster panties are one of the most comfortable panties out there. That is, if you get the right pair.

The Hipster is actually a bit of a cross between the Bikini and the Boyshort panty styles.

A little thicker at the sides than a Bikini yet a little thinner than the Boyshort. The Hipster provides a little more rear coverage than a Bikini and a little less than the Boyshort.

So, considering a pair of Bikini panties or Boyshorts, you could well be worth going for something in between.

Rear coverage is considered “moderate”, usually just the bottom of the cheeks are visible.

Maybe this pair…

Here’s a little bit of fun!

These Comic Strip Batman Hipsters are also included in our selection of Novelty pantiesThey’re referred to as a Boyshort but they’re really more Hipster than Boyshort.

Made from 95% Cotton they’re available in 4 sizes to suit most.

Not only are they fun, fun, fun, they’re also really comfy too!

Bikini Panties

Bikini Panties Style 1280x720

Many believe that Bikini panties are the most popular of all panty styles – They are NOT!

They are however, still popular – Probably because they’re just so damned comfortable.

Modeled on the beachwear bikini bottoms means rear coverage is again moderate.

They’re quite narrow at the sides providing a higher cut. This reveals a little more leg than the Boyshort and the Hipster.

Very popular is the String bikini where the sides are even narrower, typically an elastic band.

Maybe this pair…

The Vanity Fair Illumination String Bikini Panty is “not too low, not too high”. It has a sexy double band string waist.

Made from 95% Nylon they’re available in many colours.

HerRoom winners in 2009 and again in 2011 and just as great today!

Cheeky Panties

Cheeky Panties Style 1280x720

It’s worth noting that except in name – We see little difference between Cheeky panties and the Tanga.

“Cheeky” is though, nowadays more popular – Probably because it’s a more appropriate name.

Front coverage is typically the same as a Bikini. Rear coverage though, as the name suggests – Means quite a lot more cheek is on show.

These panties are sexy and more comfortable than, for example a thong. Some consider a pair of Cheeky or “Cheekster” panties – When wanting to show off their rear without having material lodged up there all day.

Maybe this pair…

The generous all round lace trim on these “Cheetah” Cheeky panties helps eliminate VPL, the tag line is “no wedgies”.

Much more comfortable than a Thong or String. No wedgies all day and no visible panty line under a pair of tight fitting low rise jeans.

What’s not to like!

Brazilian Panties

Brazilian Panties Style 1280x720

This panty style is based on the revealing bikini bottoms — Favoured on the beaches of Brazil.

Brazilian panties are a bit of a mix between a Cheeky/Tanga and a Bikini. They provide a little more coverage than the former and quite a bit less than the latter.

The Brazilian panty is an option if you are considering “down-sizing”.

Moving from your Granny panties or a Bikini cut – Straight to a String or a Thong, can be a bit daunting. Make it less so by opting for this in-between option, at least for a while.

Maybe this pair…

This mesh/lace pair of Brazilian panties by Jadea are available in Small, Medium and Large.

The base colours are Black or White with coloured trims. If you like the look of them the good thing is they come in a 2 pack.

Boyshort Panties

Boyshort Panties Style 1280x720

The ideal lazy day panties.

Sometimes referred to as a “shortie”. Boyshort panties are modelled on mens briefs.

This means they’re typically cut straight across the hips – They sit on or around the hips. The legs are low cut and usually straight. This provides a snug fit at the front and the rear – Where coverage is full or thereabouts.

We’re quite surprised Boyshorts are not a bit more popular!

Coverage is great and they feel sexy. Perfect for everyday wear, even in bed.

They also make for great “time of the month” panties.

Maybe this pair…

Well, it would be totally wrong not to mention the Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshort here.

The medium rise and material make these one of the comfiest every day wear panties ever!

If you don’t have a pair or two of these in your panty drawer it’s certainly time to consider it.

Tanga Panties

Tanga Panties Style 1280x720

Very similar to the Cheeky panty or “Cheekster”.

If you’ve got it you can certainly flaunt it in a pair of Tanga panties.

Coverage is minimal but unlike a Thong.

And, if you wish to display a little more cheek without the discomfort they are a sensible option.

Like the Brazilian panty you can consider these if you’re considering “down-sizing” from your Granny panties.

We have 12 Tanga panty picks for women and 5 for men here.

Maybe this pair…

Made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex – These laser cut tanga panties are cute, sexy and super comfortable.

Best of all you get 6 of them!

String Panties

String Panties Style 1280x720

String panties come in many options, not just related to material and colour.  And, not just related to fit, low rise, high waist, etc.

For example there are G-Strings, C-Strings (our picks), V-Strings and T-Strings. And there’ll probably be more in the future!

Comfort is forgone completely in preference of eliminating the “dreaded” VPL.

Regardless of the option…

Rear coverage is basically non-existent so these are definitely not for everyone!

Maybe this pair…

Check out this Pearl Low Rise G String – Available in 6 different colours, Black, Blue Pink, Purple, Red and White.

Feeling naughty!

You can also check our 16 bedroom “naughty” panties picks.

Strapless Panties

Strapless Panties

Strapless panties are the new kids on the block.

If you are looking to avoid VPL completely and you don’t want to go commando this is probably your best bet.

There are a few points worth of note here though…

In order for them to stick, you are best off having little or no hair down there. If wearing under a dress or a skirt, there is an initial feeling of “will it won’t it stay in place”.

See our complete strapless panties guide for more, including an option for him!

Maybe this pair…

The market leader, the Shibue Couture option.

They have a great variety of sizes, colours and materials.

They also seem to be of a better quality than other options.

Bloomers Panties

Bloomers Panties Style 1280x720

The least popular of all our panty styles.

Bloomers panties typically sit at or above the hips and extend to the knee or thereabouts. This means they provide the greatest coverage of all styles.

They are often referred to as vintage or retro as they can be dated back to the 19th Century.

She did not actually create the style herself but she lends her name to it, Amelia Bloomer, the Women’s rights and temperance advocate.

With no real practical use they largely fall into the fancy dress, fetish, bedroom category.

Maybe this pair…

Malco Mode is a well known name in retro panties. These ruffled bloomers made from 100% Nylon are come in 5 sizes.

They’re cut the same at the back and the front.  And they’re available in many different colours including racy red (shown).

Why not give them a go!

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