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Assless Panties And Backless Panties Are Very Popular

Assless panties are panties you only really want to wear in the bedroom.

For women, Assless panties aren’t really panties for everyday wear.  They’re not for work, not for lazing around and they’re certainly not the ideal panties for a work out!  They’re mainly for the bedroom.

With Men’s Assless underwear though, things can be a little different.  Sure, again, they’re not everyday, all day wear.  They are for the bedroom but also they are popular for some sport.  In particular the jockstrap is an old favourite for rugby players.

Before we continue, what’s the difference between Backless panties, Open back panties and Assless panties.  None really, they’re all pretty much the same – Naughty!

Open Crotch or Crotchless though is a different matter…

Many Crotchless panties are not Assless and many Assless panties are not Crotchless.  If it’s Open Crotch (or Crotchless if you prefer) you want be sure to check your Assless panties are both.  Or you may be disappointed – With rear access only!

Don’t forget we also have 19 Crotchless panties to choose from too!

Most Simple Backless / Assless Panties

These really are the most simple and basic of Assless panties – In a soft, sheer, floral lace.

They’re quite similar to normal bikini type panties at the front – But, turn around, and it’s a real case of access all areas!

A host of colours including White, Red, Pink and Black – In a one size fits most option.

No frills at all here but if it’s your first pair – For a bit of adventure the price is right!

Simple Full Access Panties

These simple full access panties are made from soft lace.

They are not only assless, they are also open-fronted too but full access does not mean coverage is compromised, as it’s very reasonable all round.

Half a dozen sizes and colors to choose from, including White, Red, Pink and Black.

Good coverage, really sexy, a decent range of colors and sizes – Plus full access, what’s not to like!

Big Bow Assless Panties

A plain lace trim bikini style cut at the front.

The bow, at the rear, is a decent size and gives these Assless “Big Bow” panties their name.

Rear access is more than adequate although not being a pure crotchless play, front access is limited somewhat.  Again, more assless than crotchless.

5 colours and 5 sizes to choose from including a great looking Pink (shown).

Assless “Granny” Panties

Granny panties are by far the most popular panty style these days.

And with Assless panties being a popular bedtime option it makes sense to include this pair of Assless “Granny” panties.

Black only, 3 sizes are available, US M, XL and 3XL.

Comfortable with plenty of front coverage and support at the front.  Plenty naughty at the back!

Crotch (front) access is quite limited.

Assless Lingerie

An alternative to Assless panties is of course Assless lingerie.

Open Cup Crotchless & Assless One Piece

This Assless lingerie one piece option is made from Spandex and Lace.

It’s available in 5 sizes (US S to XXL) and 5 colours, Black (shown), Blue, Purple, Red and Wine Red.

It’s extremely sexy, it’s open back, open crotch and open cup.

Everything is on offer here with easy access all round – Guaranteed!

A bedroom only assless lingerie option at a decent price.

Plus Size – Open Cup Crotchless & Assless

This plus size assless lingerie option is made from 65% Cotton and 35% Spandex.  Although reasonably flexible it’s quite delicate – Maybe best to avoid a hot wash and spin dry.

Size wise, 6 options – From Medium to XXXX-Large. There are also 3 colour options, Blue, Red and Black.

To confirm this is open back, open crotch and open cup.

A decent value plus size assless lingerie option.

Something Different – An Assless Skirt

Something a little different, this assless skirt by Seemehappy.

Although it’s called a “skirt” it’s actually a pair of open back panties with a big all round lace frill.

Size and colour a little disappointing!

Size wise, only (US) 4 – 8 (XS – XL) is available.  And, colour wise, black, with a pink front coverage.  Hand wash only.

If not for the bedroom would also make for a wild party piece – Perhaps!

Not Quite Ready For Assless Panties?

Some are not quite ready for completely assless panties. Here’s some options if you’re looking to dip your toe in…

Sexy Lace “Almost Assless” Panties

This pair are not exactly assless.  They’re cut away at the back but rather than giving access – The “open” bit is covered by see through lace.

Colour wise, the options are aplenty, a dozen colours including Apricot, Black, Pink, Red White and Sky Blue.

Size wise, Medium only.

Concerned about going completely assless, this may well be the first step.

Just to confirm – Nothing is open here!

Boyshort “Almost Assless” Panties

Again, these panties are not exactly assless.

Made mostly from lace they are, from the front, normal boyshort panties.

The back though is open.  But, unlike typical assless panties which provide access – Access is restricted here by a criss-cross design.

Over a dozen colour options, one size fits Small to Medium (56 – 90cm).

Discreet and daring – Without true rear access!

Oh La La Cheri Assless Cage Panties

Last of the “almost” assless panty options is this pair by Oh La La Cheri.

And, once again, not exactly assless.

Appearing to be quite normal from the front – The “cage” design means there’s plenty on view at the rear! A nice shock for any partner expecting the same view from the rear as the front.

2 sizes and 3 different colours available.

An almost assless panty that actually does provide true rear access.

Mens Assless Underwear

Assless panties and assless underwear for men is reasonably popular and has been for some time.  Sporting reasons account for some interest here, in the form of a jock strap.

Popular mens assless underwear include Jock straps, which can some getting used to.  For sporting purposes a (protective) cup is also sometimes used.  As well as getting used to, Jockstraps can also take some getting into – This guide does a decent job for those new to the experience.

Over time trends have been changing here!  Colours and designs reflect, it seems, not only a sporting need – But, more and more, a naughty/bedtime interest too.

Men’s Assless Panties By Barsty

This option by Barsty is no longer available, we have no idea why because they were a great comfy assless panty for men.

We have found this alternative by Muscle Mate made from 90% Premium Polyester Fibre and 10% Spandex.

They’re available in 4 colors, Black, Blue, Red, and White – And also come in 4 sizes to fit most, from Medium to Extra Large.

Not the cheapest panty but probably worth it for that comfort, fit, and sense of freedom!

Men’s Low Rise Assless Panties

These low rise options for men by Outtop are made from high quality nylon and spandex.

They’re available in 3 sizes and half a dozen 2 tone colours – Including the Red/Yellow (shown).

A reasonably sexy option for men looking for an assless panty / jockstrap.  They’re also very accommodating, comfortable and machine washable.

More appropriate for the bedroom than the rugby field.

Assless Jock Strap Panties Pack

Here is a 3 pack jock Strap option by Papi.  Being a jock strap, by definition, they’re backless (assless).

The jock straps are 100% cotton and are also machine washable.  Considered more “sporty” than “sexy”.

There are 5 pack options including 3 all white or all black, although the waist band is branded with the Papi name.  The other pack options are for multi-colours.

A good quality, 100% cotton, machine washable, 3 pack at a decent price.

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