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17 Satin Panties For Women And 8 For Men

17 pairs for her including Fullback, High Cut, Thong, Tap Pants, Vintage, Stretch and Shiny – Plus 8 pairs of Satin Panties For Men…

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Our Satin Panty Picks…

So many different choices and variations here here’s the options we went for…

  • Fullback Satin Panties For Women
  • Satin Thong Panties For Women
  • Satin Tap Pants For Women
  • Vintage Satin Panties For Women
  • Control Satin Panties For Women
  • Shiny Satin Panties For Women

We cover all of these options below.

As well as 8 pairs of satin panties for men.

Satin Panties – Top Picks!

Best Pack…

Comfort & Coverage…

“Sissy” For Him…

Fullback Satin Panties For Women

Fullback Satin Panties are a firm favorite – Here’s 3 great options offering varying coverage…

Fullback Satin Bikini Panties – A 6 Pack

Fullback doesn’t have to mean BIG!

These panties are cute! They’re shiny, they’re satin and they’re fullback!

But the clever Bikini cut here means that they’re not BIG!  Instead coverage is moderate at both the front and the rear. And, they sit just below the belly button, just above the hips.

A great satin panty that can be worn all day under almost anything!

And – You get 4 of them!

Fullback Satin And Lace Hipster Panties

These fullback hipster panties are from the popular brand, Bali.

The Nylon/Spandex blend and 100% Cotton crotch help ensure a comfortable all round fit.

The standout with these fullback panties is that they’re a little different, rather than just being plain.  The added lace waist not only adds even more comfort but actually looks and feels good too.

A nice alternate, more attractive fullback satin panty.

High Waist Fullback Satin Panties

You get it all with these panties.

Quality – They’re made by Vanity Fair. Nylon – 100%. High Waist – They sit just around the belly button area. Fullback – And full frontal coverage.

There’s a great selection of colors and sizes here – As well as additional comfort from a cotton crotch.

Hand wash only is recommended.

The perfect all round satin high waist fullback panty!

Fullback Satin String Bikini Panties

These Fullback Satin Panties are quite a rare find – A sexy String Bikini Style in a 5 pack.

They’re made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex providing a shiny satin panty with plenty of comfort.

There are 6 sizes to choose from, from Small to 3X-Large, and you get a pair in Gold, Red, Purple, Blue and Pink.

If there’s a downside, they’re hand-wash only.

A great price for a pack of 5 fullback satin panties.

Fullback Satin Tanga Style Panties

These fullback panties are great for many reasons…

Although the main satin material is a Tanga Style, the extra lace at the rear means coverage is full and comfortable.

They’re pretty much seamless.

They’re available in a good range of sizes, from Small to 3X-Large – And you get to choose from a well priced pack of 3 or 4.

If you like a Satin Panties, Tanga Style, and full coverage, these are the panties for you.

Satin Thong Panties For Women

A couple of Satin Thong options for those who prefer that look and feel…

Satin Thong Panties – A 4 Pack

These thongs are a variation of the Fullback Satin Bikini Panties covered above.

And, again, they’re satin, they’re shiny, they come in a 4 Pack and sit just below the belly button, just above the hips.

You don’t get to choose the colors but if you’re a thong person and looking for a bit of a Panty Drawer refresh, this is a great pack!

Don’t fancy the thong!  No problem, these are also available as a Boyshort and a Full Cut.

Satin Thong Panties

This thong is a great option for those who like the thongs in a “string side” style.

Excluding the elastic band “string sides”, these thongs are made 93% Mulberry silk and 7% Spandex.

You get to choose from 4 sizes; Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large – And from 3 colors; Black, Rose-Violet, Turkish Blue and Moon White – And from a single pair or a pack of 2.

A great option for those who like shiny with minimal coverage!

Satin Tap Pants For Women

Satin Tap Pants for coverage and free flowing comfort.

Are also known as Satin French Knickers

Long Leg Satin Tap Pants – 3 Color Options

Let’s start with the longest and end with the shortest – First up – This long leg option available in 3 different colors; Beige, Black and White.

Also known as “pettipants” there’s 5 size options (Small to XX Large).

This is a lovely satin material with a very gentle elasticated waist and decorative lace trim at the leg openings.

A great pair of loose fitting Satin Tap Pants – Especially suitable under dresses in hot summers.

Everyday Wear Classic Satin Tap Pants

This is a medium length pair of tap pants – Again Satin and again with a lace trim around the leg openings.

Tap pants this length are more typical of the underwear also referred to as “French Knickers”.

Again there’s 5 size options and again, there’s 3 color options; Beige, Black and White.

These actually also make for a nice pair of pyjama bottoms (during the summer only – Of course).

Satin Tap Pants And Camisole Set

Now it’s time for a Satin Set – You get a satin camisole top and a short pair of good looking tap pants.

There are 20 or so different colors and designs to choose from and most are available in 6 sizes.

Both items are hand wash only.

If it’s a Satin Tap Pants and Satin Top you’re after, you’ll almost surely find the right one for yourself here!

Go on – Treat yourself!

Vintage Satin Panties For Women

Vintage Satin Panties for a bit of nostalgia a lot of coverage – And sexy!

Vintage Satin Garter Panties

Vintage screams Panties and a Garter – Or, Knickers and Suspenders!

So, here you have it – Panties with a built in garter, with the added benefit of an Open Crotch, Oh, and the rear is also open!

The straps are a good length, and there’s 6 of them.

They’re available in 6 sizes and 3 different colors, White, Red and Black.

Satin, Vintage and Super Sexy – What’s not to like!

Vintage V-Leg Satin Panties

These V-Leg panties – Are made from a soft satin mix, 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.

These panties sit just above the belly button – And, all round coverage is great with a good degree of control too.

Lot’s of size and color options but nothing beats the pick ones (shown).

Machine washable and can be dried on a low dry – But, best to hang dry them.

Retro, full coverage and VINTAGE!

Vintage Satin Panties

These panties are probably the most practical pair of Retro Panties – In that they could be comfortably worn all day under most outfits.

Available in many colors, the Rio Red and Racing Red Dot pairs are great- The Petal Pink Dot option is probably the most practical.

As well as this full coverage option there’s also a Bikini cut pair available.

Great feeling, great looking full coverage vintage panties.

Control Satin Panties For Women

Control Satin Panties for comfort, coverage and support…

Perfectly Yours High Waisted Satin Panties

Here’s a Full Cut brief from the quality brand Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours High Waisted Brief Panties are well known for their quality, their coverage, comfort and control – They basically sell themselves!

These are full front and full back panties and provide complete all round coverage and support.

A great range of sizes, styles and colors, not the cheapest but you do have to pay for quality!

Double Support Satin Panties

It’s another quality full cut brief from another popular brand, Bali.

Features include; No Ride-Up, Moisture-Wicking, Full Coverage, Easy Machine washing.

There’s a range of colors to choose from such as Black, White, Blushing Pink, Light Beige and Soft Taupe – And they’re usually all available in half a dozen or so sizes.

Great material, great stretch, great coverage and really great all day comfort.

Shiny Satin Panties For Women

Shiny Satin Panties – Stand out from the crowd!

Low Waist Shiny Satin Panties

If it’s Shiny Satin Panties you’re after this pair is hard to beat!

Call them what you want – micro shorts, cheeksters, booty shorts, this low rise underwear is simply sexy and fun!

They’re available in Small/Medium (waist 23.5 – 35 inches) and Large/Extra Large (31.5 – 41 inches).

There are 4 different colors; Black, Fuchsia, Gold and Silver.

Great for showing of that booty! If you’ve got it – Flaunt it!

Shiny Satin Bikini Panties

If you want more coverage from your Shiny Satin Panties, this Bikini-Cut option may be more suitable.

There’s a decent range of sizes here and lots of colors to choose from, including Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, Pink, Purple and Black.

The material is shiny metallic, comfortable and stretchy – They are quite delicate though and Hand-Wash only is recommended.

If you really like these Shiny Satin Panties with decent coverage, these are great!

Satin Panties For Men

Now, as promised – Starting with 3 pairs of “Sissy Panties”, here’s those 8 Satin Panty Picks For Men…

Sissy Satin Panties With Lace Trim

Satin Lace Panties – Coverage somewhere in between bikini and hipster, probably more on the hipster side.

3 sizes to choose from, Medium (29 – 34 inch waist), Large (31.5 – 36 inch waist), X Large (32 – 38 inch waist).

There’s a color for every day of the week, choose from Black, Blue, Ivory, and Pink.

A great pair of panties in a great range of colors you could easily use as a general Sissy Panty Drawer refresh by buying a few different colors.

Satin Sissy Panties – Hipster Cut

These Satin Sissy Style Panties are actually quite practical.

They’re a Hipster cut and sit just slightly above the hips. Nice coverage, comfy and a decent sized pouch.

Available in 2 sizes, Medium and Large.

There’s 5 color options; Black, Blue, Lilac, Pink and Purple, which is actually more of a Mauve than anything else.

Satin Sissy Panties that can easily be worn all day.

Satin Sissy Panties – With Garters

These panties with garters are Satin, Sissy and very sexy!

Main attractions – the material, the garters, the pouch and – It’s even assless. A definite for a bedroom surprise!

Available in a wide range of sizes and 3 colors; Blue, Pink and Purple.

This item is quite delicate and hand wash and drip dry only is recommended.

Satin, Sissy and very sexy – Don’t forget the stockings!

Satin “Gaff Hiding” Panties For Men

“Gaff Hiding” refers to panties for men (typically cross dressers) – Which hide their “bits” by tucking them away…

Note – Wikipedia provides an alternate meaning for a gaff here as “A garment worn to hide the genitals”

Mens Gaff Hiding Satin Thong Panties

These thong panties are satin and are “designed to fit crossdressing men” – Of course they are!

Front coverage is pretty good and they do quite a good job at smoothing the crotch area. At the rear there’s hardly any coverage at all – Quite cheeky!

Available in 4 sizes; Small to Extra Large – They come in 5 colors; Black, Nude, Royal Blue, White and Red.

For good front coverage and freedom at the rear, this is maybe the gaff hiding thong for you.

Mens Gaff Hiding V-Cut Satin Thong Panties

This V-Cut thong means that front coverage is less than usual and of course rear coverage is minimal.

Choose from 4 colors; Black, White, Nude/Beige and Red – And, 5 sizes; from Extra Small (is any guy going to seriously order Extra Small!) to Extra Large.

Although delicate – These can be washed in the machine, on a low and also put on a cool tumble dry.

A quality satin thong – Minimal coverage but still does a good gaff hiding job.

Mens Gaff Hiding Satin Panties With Garters

This underwear is only available in Black but that doesn’t matter much – What other color would you want for Gaff Hiding Satin Panties With Garters?

These fullback satin panties can be worn on their own or with the detachable garters. Please note – The stockings are not included.

A size here to fit most; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Great coverage, comfort and does a good job at hiding the relevant bits!

Satin And Lace Panties For Men

We finish up with a couple of Satin And Lace Panties For Men…

Bikini Cut Sissy Panties With Lace Trim

Full size Satin bikini cut panties for men available in 3 different colors, Pink, Purple, and Navy Blue.

Mainly satin, there’s a delicate lace trim around the legs and a larger lace band around the waist.

Comfortable rear coverage provided by the full size bikini cut with decent space at the front.

Coverage, comfy, sexy, a great feeling when they’re on – Fine for all day wear!

Cute Satin And Lace Sissy Panties

A cute Hipster Style panty for men which probably deserves it’s “sissy panties” label.

The main Nylon material provides an all round silky smooth satin feel, the trim is a soft decorative lace.

The coverage is great but the front could perhaps be a little more generous – However, if you’re after a more feminine fair of Satin Panties there’s no reason not to consider these.

Available in two styles, worth considering!

Satin Panties – Here’s Those Top Picks Again…

Best Pack…

Comfort & Coverage…

“Sissy” For Him…

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