White Cotton Panties 11 Specific Picks

White Cotton Panties: Our 11 specific picks include Granny, Bikini, Hipster and Thong panties

For that panty drawer refresh there are multi pack options…

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White Cotton Panties Are Hugely Popular

In particular, White Cotton Bikini panties, White Cotton Hipster panties and the White Cotton Thong.

White is by far the most popular colour in the US (for panties), in the UK (for knickers) and in Australia (for undies). White is actually more popular than the next 2 most popular colours, pink and black, combined.

Cotton is the 4th most popular panty material behind Satin, Silk and Lace.

Elvis was a big fan of the white ones apparently and there’s even a white cotton panties cocktail.

Most of you who are buying White Cotton Panties are buying for comfort and every day wear. We have a picked a mixture of styles, multi packs and some panties which are, a little different.

Plain White Cotton Granny Panties

Yes, they may not be your cup of tea but they are very popular. Let’s start with some Plain White Cotton Granny panties.

This 100% Plain White Cotton 6 Pack from Hanes fall firmly into the Granny panties category.

They sit just above the hips at or just above the belly button – Providing you with full coverage. Comfort is further assured by the “ultra soft” waist band.

Time and money savers – These are machine washable and there are 6 of them!

3 Pack Of White Cotton Bikini Panties

Bikini panties are a firm favourite – Comfortable, almost full, coverage.

Add to the mix – White, 100% Cotton and String sides – It’s difficult to ignore the Jockey Elance 100% Cotton String Bikini.

These low rise panties sit around the waist – Just above the hips, the string sides mean they have a high cut.

They are machine washable and dryable!

Note: Also available in a dozen other mixed colour packs to suit most tastes.

No Pinches No Problem White Cotton Hipsters

These Warner’s No Pinches No Problem 95% Cotton Lace Hipster panties are – “A clear winner for hipster lovers, a no brainer in fact!”

Perfect for an everyday, still feel sexy, pair of White Cotton Hipster panties.

There’s a 2 inch stretch lace waistband. This and the ample coverage makes for a really comfy pair of panties.

Don’t want white – There’s about 20 other colours to choose from – Something for everyone here.

Low Rise White Cotton Thong

Thongs are of course not for everyone but they are still popular, especially in white!

This comfortable On Gossamer Cabana Cotton Hip G-Thong is made from 94% Cotton and 6% Spandex. They are also machine washable.

The thong is available in 3 sizes to suit most. It is also available in 4 colours, White of course and Black, Champagne and Kiwi.

As they are low rise they are great “under jeans” panties.

Plain White Cotton Panties – Cheeky!

Not everyone likes to spend this much on a pair of white cotton panties!

But, if you are splashing out on yourself or treating someone else, this pair is well worth considering.

These One Fashion Cotton Cheeky Hipster Panties from Calvin Klein are made from 90% Cotton. They’re available in White or Black and 2 sizes, Medium or Large.

If you don’t fancy these Cotton Hipster Panties we do have other options – Our 10 Cotton Hipster picks.

100% White Cotton Boyshort Panties

It wasn’t easy to find a 100% pair of White Cotton Boyshort panties! But, having already bought a number of these in the past we decided to include them.

Available in 12 different colours this Cotton Dream (with Lace) Boyshort by Maidenform is made from 89% Cotton.

It is of course available in White and, another dozen or so colours – If White is not your cup of tea.

With a lace waistband and full rear coverage they really are super comfortable.

Good Old Fashioned White Cotton Bloomers

Bloomers are usually considered old fashioned and perhaps they are!

These White 8 Inch Bloomers are made from 100% Cotton. They’re available in a multitude of sizes and a couple of other colours.

An alternative for hot days under a long summer skirt or to ease “chaffing” – Old fashioned they might be. But, they are also practical and worth a shot!

It’s a 3 pack so if you don’t like them at least you’ve got some new “sexy” dusters!

95% White Cotton Panties In A Pack Of 5 – Bikini’s

Looking for quality and comfort in a pack of 5 – Or even 9!

You cannot go wrong with this comfy 5 Pack Of Quality Bikini Cotton Panties by Vanity Fair.

OK, they are not all White. But, if you’re looking for quality and comfort these tagless 95% cotton panties could be just for you!

Lots of options here!

And, there’s also a Plus Size option.

A 100% White Cotton Panties Drawer Refresh

Sometimes you just want or need a panty drawer refresh!

These bikini panties by Fruit Of The Loom are made from 100% Cotton.

They come in a pack of 10 and half of them are White. The rest, assorted colours and prints – And no, you don’t get to choose.

For additional comfort, they’re label free. Bonus, they’re also machine washable!

A perfect, for quality and comfort – Panty drawer refresh!

Plus Size Cotton Panties Pack Of 5

We’re not all a perfect 10!

Again, from Fruit Of The Loom, we have picked these Cotton Fit For Me “Granny Panties”.

Big benefits here!

They’re 100% Cotton. They come in a pack of 5. You can get an all White or Assorted colour pack. They’re also tag free and machine washable.

And, for a 5 pack of plus size panties – The price is right too!

Something Different…

A panties gem we stumbled across – Certainly something different!

These White Cotton Boxer Briefs from Foxers are like a cross between men’s boxer shorts and French knickers.

Made from 92% Cotton & 8% Spandex they have the cutest (and actually quite practical) little side pockets!

They look great, they’re really comfortable and so great for sleeping in! As well as White.

They’re also available in about 20 other colours.

Plain White Cotton Panties – Top Picks!

Comfy & Sexy…

Best Value…

A Special Treat…

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