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Includes packs by Hanes, Fruit Of The Loom and Jockey…

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Cotton Hipster Panties – Popular Material For A Popular Style

Cotton is the 4th most popular panty material – Behind Satin, Silk and Lace. And, Hipster panties are the 4th most popular panty style according to our research.

Cotton Hipster panties are usually bought for comfort and every day wear. For these reasons packs are very popular – That’s why most of our picks are packs.

As they’re usually bought in packs for every day wear – Quality is important. For this reason, brands, which include Hanes, Fruit Of The Loom and Jockey, are popular.

Hanes Cotton Hipster Panties – 6 Packs!

A Panty drawer refresh – Perhaps!

These 100% Cotton Hipster Packs by Hanes almost provide for a fresh pair every day of the week – There’s 6 of them!

One pack consists of 6 assorted pairs (you can’t the colours).  Alternatively, there’s a 2 prints, 2 solids, 2 white pack.

Both packs come in a decent range of sizes and the panties are machine washable.

If you prefer a change – There’s also a Bikini and Boyshort option.

Sporty Cotton Hipster Panties

Another Panty drawer refresh option – For the more active of you out there.

These Sporty Hipsters by Hanes, again – Come in a 6 Pack.  If these aren’t for you, consider our 7 sports panties picks – Sports panties for all occasions.

They’re not 100% Cotton, they’re 75% Cotton with the rest being, mainly, Polyester.

For comfort – They’re tag less, have an ultra soft, striped, waistband and “stay in place” leg bands.

Soft Stretch Cotton Hipster Panties

The panties in this 3 Pack of Soft Stretch Hipsters by Hanes are all made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

The slightly fuller cut and the adequate stretch means these are really comfortable – And, they claim to “stay where you want them to”.

Plenty of size options, the only disappointment being – You don’t get to choose the colours. Again, its pot luck!

Good news though – You can also put these in the washing machine.

Constant Comfort Hipster Panties

Another 3 Pack from Hanes, for the more active – This Constant Comfort Hipster Panty Pack of 3.

Hanes X-Temp Technology means these are made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. They’re designed to adapt to your body temperature!

Tag free and fine seams means VPL will be of little issue even under yoga shorts!

These are hand wash only.

The pick of the Hanes options!

Fruit Of The Loom Cotton Hipster Panty Packs

Pick 1 of 2 from the popular Fruit of the Loom label – This 4 Pack of Flexible Fit Hipster Panties.

“Perfect for days when you need a little wiggle room”

These panties are tag less and made from 95% Cotton – The rest is Spandex making for a really soft material with plenty of stretch.

Machine washable, comfortable and plenty of size options – Packs are random mixed colours.

Assorted Cotton Low-Rise Hipster Panties

One more pack from Fruit of the Loom – 6 Assorted Cotton Low-Rise Hipster Panties.

6 of them and they’re 100% Cotton.

Made with “more stitches per inch (like an increased thread count in sheets)” – For a thicker and actually, more comfortable pair of panties.

The lower rise cut of these hipsters mean these are ideal for wearing under your favourite pair of low rise jeans – Jeans means, unless they are super tight, that VPL issue mentioned above, should not be.

Jockey Cotton Hipster Panties

A pick from the popular Jockey brand – this Comfies Cotton Hipster 3 Pack.

A little more generous than most hipsters – A slightly higher waist and more coverage.

Made from 83% Cotton and 17% Nylon. You can throw them in the washing machine and even on a low dry.

They’re available in 4 different packs of 3 – And, you choose the colours!

Comfies also claim to have “stay-up power” and to be “bunch-resistant”.

A Pair Of Seamless Cotton Lace Hipster Panties

For those that like a bit of lace in their panties – There’s this Seamless Cotton Lace Hipster 3 Pack.

Lace looks good, can help reduce “ridding up” and the chances of visible panty line. The lace here also increases and provides more coverage than your usual hipster.

The main body of the panties are 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. The rest, a fine sensual lace.

As well as red (shown) – They’re also available in half a dozen other colours.

Endulge! Warner’s Single Pack Hipster Panties

In our White Cotton Panties guide these Warner’s No Pinches No Problem 95% Cotton Lace Hipster panties are – “A clear winner for hipster lovers, a no brainer in fact!”

Perfect for an everyday, still feel sexy, pair of White Cotton Hipster panties.

There’s a 2 inch stretch lace waistband. This and the ample coverage makes for a really comfy pair of panties.

Don’t want white – There’s about 20 other colours to choose from.

A Calvin Klein Cotton Hipster Treat!

Our final pick are these 90% Cotton Cheeky Hipster Panties from Calvin Klein.

Available in Black and White – There are 2 sizes to choose from, Medium or Large.

A really sexy and comfortable option for those looking to treat themselves.

And, if you’re looking for a full set, there’s also a matching bra available.

Note: These are hand wash only. At this price though – Would you really want to put them in the washing machine?

Cotton Hipster Panties – Top Picks!

A Panty Drawer Refresh…

No Pinches, No Problems…

A Special Treat…

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