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The Tanga Panty – Cheeky But Comfy

Tanga panties are very similar in style to Cheeky panties, also known as the “Cheekster”.

Coverage is minimal but unlike a Thong there is coverage – A coverage that provides comfort even though the cheeks are showing.

Think – A little cheek without the discomfort of a Thong.

Our picks include…

  • Single pairs of Tanga panties
  • Tanga panty packs
  • Quality, branded Tangas

And a selection of Men’s Tanga underwear…

For Starters – 3 Single Tanga’s For Women

If you’re after a pack of Tanga panties, just skip over these – You’ll probably get a pack for the same price!

Lace Back Tanga Panties by Maidenform

These Lace Back Tangas are from the popular brand, Maidenform.

They are made mostly from Nylon at the front.  The back is complimented by a good sized lace band – Providing a bit more coverage and comfort than your normal pair of Tanga panties.

As well as Black they’re available in numerous other colours – Various sizes are also available from 5 to 9.

A feel Tanga panty you can consider for all day wear.

Ciao Bella Tanga Panties by Wacoal

A quality pair of Tangas from the b.tempt’d range by Wacoal – The low-rise Ciao Bella Tanga Panty.

86% Nylon and 14% Spandex, it’s recommended that you only had wash (and dry) these panties – No washing machine or dryer please!

3 sizes to choose from and if you don’t like the Cappuccino colour (shown), no problem, there’s over a dozen other colours to choose from.

Quality and comfort.

Sexy Lace Tanga by Velvet Kitten

These sexy lace Tangas are by Velvet Kitten and are available in White only.

They’re made mostly from lace, there’s some stretch there – And, there’s a cute little bow at the front.

Size wise, Small, Medium and Large.

A decent pair or panties if you are thinking of stepping up from a Thong – Or, if you’re looking for something in between, before stepping down to a Thong.

Affordable quality!

Tanga Panties Packs

Tanga panties are popular, that’s for sure.

In fact some consider them every day wear.

Some just don’t want to splash out on a single pair when, more often than not, 3 or more can be bought for the same price.

Here’s 5 Tanga panties packs, where you should find at least one to suit your taste and budget…

Cotton Tanga Panties In A 6 Pack

The Tanga panties in this 6 pack are made from 94% algodon cotton.

These low rise Tanga panties are comfortable due to a decent amount of stretch.

Quite delicate – So hand wash and hand dry only is recommended.

As well as this colourful floral print 6 pack there are other 6 packs and 3 packs in different designs and colours.

4 differing size options to fit most.

A 6 Pack Of Laser Cut Tanga Panties

This 6 pack of laser cut panties is available in 4 sizes, Small to Extra Large.

The panties are made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

There’s a different coloured pair to almost keep you going all week – Randomly selected from Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Beige and White.

Machine washable – Cold wash only.  Hand dry is also recommended.

Laser cut comfort.

Floral Lace 4 Pack Of Tangas

These Floral Lace Tanga’s by ToBeInStyle are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Only 4 in this pack but at least they’re a little different to the others.

4 different (soft feminine) colours which include Pink, Turquoise, Brown and Purple – Available in 4 different sizes, Small to Extra Large.

A little different to your standard Tanga packs – Only 4 but worth it to be a little different!

6 “Star Pattern” Lace Trim Tangas

These “Star Pattern” Lace Trim Tanga style panties are also by ToBeInStyle.

This time there’s 6 of them; Black, Peach, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Gold. Again, available in 4 different sizes (S – XL) and again, made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Hand wash and dry only.

If you don’t care about the floral design this 6 pack is better value.

Maybe worth ordering a size up.

6 Bedazzled Butterfly Tanga Panties

A final pack by ToBeInStyle, you get 6 of them.

But this time a slightly different cut and 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.

Colour wise, plain Beige, Magenta, Purple, Pink, Turquoise and Red with a “bedazzled butterfly” pattern.  The pattern is mainly visible at the front and not particularly necessary.

Two size options, Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large.

A decent option if you don’t like boring plain colours!

Tanga Panties – A Touch Of Quality

4 more single Tanga panties for those looking for something a little more special.

Wacoal Embrace Lace Tanga

Wacoal is a quality brand and this Embrace Lace Tanga deserves that label.

100% Nylon and quite delicate, these panties are hand wash (and dry) only – The panel lining is 100% Cotton.

Available in Small to Extra Large there’s at least a dozen different colours to choose from.

Complete the outfit – For most colours there’s a quality matching bra too.

Simone Perele Celeste Tanga Panties

Another name in quality Simone Perele offer this quality Celeste Tanga.

Made from 57% Polyamide, 26% Cotton and 17% Elastane and the Tanga cut – Means comfort, comfort, comfort.

As with most quality panties, hand wash only – It’s obvious really, why spend money on decent panties and risk ruining them!

With 5 different sizes and the same colour options, should be something here for everyone.

Silk Tie-Side Tanga Panties

These tie-side tanga’s are made from 93% Mulberry silk. They’re actually more of a tanga/bikini style cut but nonetheless a great panty for those who like silk and tie-side.

There’s 2 size options Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.  There’s also 4 colour options, Purple, Pink, Red and Black.

Although you can put these in the washing machine (cold wash) hand wash is recommended.

A really sexy feel good pair of Tanga panties.

Pierre Cardin Tangas 2 Pack

Quality, style and comfort from Pierre Cardin – Their Girasole Bi-Stretch Cotton Lace-Trimmed Tangas.

Made from Cotton 90% these are a really comfy great looking Tanga panty.

Only available in white (no complaints there though), they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Best of all, you get 2 of them – So, if you’re going to splash on a decent pair of Tanga’s it would be these!

Men’s Tanga Underwear

A much more popular underwear choice for women – But becoming more so these days, for men too.

Here’s 5 Tanga panties for him…

Silky Pouch Tanga Panties For Men

The first men’s tanga panties are these silky pouch string side ones.

They’re made from Polyester and Spandex and come in one size fits most!

The stretchy soft material make up means comfort which is further enhanced by the “pouch”.

Available in over half a dozen colours including Black, White, Pink and Blue.

A decent Tanga panty for men at a decent price.

Men’s Red Lace Tanga Panties

These Red Lace Tanga’s for men really are more feminine than masculine.

Made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane – A flexible stretchy (in all the right places) panty.

Quite delicate so a cold hand wash is recommended, no washing machine.

Sizes run small so do refer to the chart to make sure you order the right size.

If it’s feminine men’s tanga underwear you’re after these could be for you.

Another Men’s Pouch Tanga Panty

Another, for a bit more room, pouch Tanga panties for men.

This time they’re made from Polyamide and Spandex but still sport the string side.

This time, rather than one size fits most – There’s a Medium and Large option!

A decent range of colour options and also a 4 pack and 5 pack option too – Maybe buy 1 pair first to check the size.

A little more pricey but quite a few more options than the first pair.

Men’s Buckle Side Tanga Panties

Probably the sexiest masculine Tanga panty for men is this buckle side pair.

Made from the popular Polyamide and Spandex mix for a “Soft Ice Silky” feeling.

The waistband is made from an ultra-fine fiber which is lightweight and durable.  The buckle on the waistband is designed to be easy open whilst also comfortable.

Available in 5 or 6 different colours, there’s also a 2 pack option.

A sexy, more masculine, Tanga panty.

Sheer Mesh Tanga Panties For Men

Last but not least there’s these very popular Sheer Mesh Tangas for men.

Again, these are certainly fall into the more feminine than masculine men’s tanga underwear camp – Not that that’s a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for!

Available in Black only and made from a Nylon/Spandax mix – Means a soft, sexy, see thru mesh panty.

The “bulge pouch” enhances the comfort factor.

A rather racy option for men!

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