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Novelty Panties: 18 picks for women which include;

Batman panties, Wonder Woman panties, Star Wars panties, Glow In The Dark panties and others…

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Novelty Panties – A Bit Of Fun Or Just A Bit Cheeky

Novelty panties can be for a bit of fun or for that cheeky feeling.

A bit of fun for yourself or for looking a little bit cheeky in the bedroom.

Our picks include…

  • Batman panties, 3 picks
  • Other Superhero panties, such as Wonder Woman, Superman and Spiderman
  • Pokemon panties
  • Hello Kitty panties
  • Glow In The Dark panties
  • Seasonal panties, such as Christmas and Halloween

And more…

Play the video for a quick look and scroll down to check them all out…

Batman Panties – The Most Popular Novelty Panties

Batman panties for some reason – Are just so, so popular. It only made sense to include a few options…

Batman Panties And Tank Top Set

This Batman Tank Top and Panties set available in black only – Is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

It comes in 3 sizes from Small to XXX Large.

An officially licensed product it’s also machine washable.

As it’s made mostly from cotton, it’s comfortable and glow in the dark…

You could also use this set as a cheeky pyjama option in the summer!

Batman Panties – A 3 Pack Option

A great officially licensed 3 pack for fans of Batman!

Made from 95% Cotton you can also put these in the washing machine (cold wash only is recommended).  Although they can also be dried (on cold again), probably best to dry naturally.

They’re all a low rise Hipster style cut – So as well as being glow in the dark, they’re really comfy…

Great for a bit of bedtime fun 3 nights in a row!

Batman Storyboard Boyshort Panties

Here’s a little bit of Batman fun!

These Comic Strip Batman Hipsters! They’re referred to as a Boyshort but they’re really more Hipster than Boyshort. This is evident by the less generous rear coverage.

Made from 95% Cotton they’re available in 2 sizes, Large and Extra Large.

Rather than being a typical Boyshort, they’re more so, a little more Cheeky panty style!

Probably the cutest Batman panties ever!

Popular Novelty Panties

Pikachu Baby Pokemon Panties

Surprisingly, there’s not a great choice when it comes to Pokemon panties for women.  Plenty of options for kids but not so much for grown ups!

That said, this Pikachu Baby Pokemon option is cute indeed.

Made from 90% Cotton And 10% Spandex and available in black only they’re a kind of Hipster/Boyshort fit.

Size wise, there’s 4 options.

Cute and the price is right!

Hello Kitty Panties – Boyshort Cut

How about this this boyshort option by Hello Kitty Intimates.

The Hello Kitty graphic at the front/side is really stand out.

Available in Black only, there are 2 size options, Small or Medium.

These panties are probably best for a – You want to feel a little cheeky, cute, girly day. Maybe even a lazy, lying around the house Sunday, too!

Seamless, comfortable and cute!

Star Wars Panties – Comfy Hipsters

Star Wars Panties for adults, again, are hard to find.  But there is this pair, featuring many of the characters you’d expect, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, C3PO, etc.

Made from 95% Cotton they’re a surprisingly comfortable hipster style panty – Which can be used for every day wear even.

5 sizes to choose from, from Extra Small to Extra Large.

Is he a big Star Wars fan?  Go on, give him a treat!

Superhero Panties

Sure, Batman panties are by far the most popular Novelty panties but that doesn’t mean the other Superhero’s have to be left out.

Here’s a 3 pack, a Wonder Woman, a Superman and a Spiderman option too…

Superhero Panties In A 3 Pack

Here’s a 3 pack featuring the popular Superheroes. Wonder Woman (heroine), Batman, and Harley Quinn, a new kid on the block, first appearing in 1992.

These are officially licensed, made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – Hipster style novelty panties available in 4 different sizes.

You can also put them in the washing machine (cold wash and low tumble dry only recommended).

A quirky pack with sticky out “ears”!

Wonder Woman Panties And Tank Top

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, all the world’s waiting for you, and the power you possess – Opening Wonder Woman lyrics.

Officially licensed and available in 4 different sizes is this panties and tank top set.

Use for a fancy dress party or pyjama’s – Or just for lazing around the house in.

A cool panties and tank top set for all Wonder Woman fans – Or for those with a partner with a Wonder Woman fantasy!

Superman Panties And More!

This pack of 3 which includes not just Superman panties – But also Batman and Wonder Woman too.

Triple fun!

Made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – These are officially licensed Hipster style panties that can also be put in the washing machine.

Looking for panties for any of these superhero’s – this pack also gives you other options too.

Spiderman Panties – Seamless Boyshorts

These panties featuring “The Amazing Spiderman” are 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex.

A Seamless Boyshort, they’re comfortable and can be washed in the machine.

Not an official product but style and quality are not compromised.

Hard to find decent Spiderman panties for women so…

For Spidey fans – These a great, if almost only, option!

Some More Popular Novelty Panties

So Cute – My Little Pony Panties

There are other options available for women such as Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.  However, these My Little Pony Rainbow Dash panties seem to be more popular.

Available in 4 sizes, Small to Extra Large and also 3 colours, Black, Ash and White. The fit is more full than a traditional Bikini cut.

Machine washable.

Cute and comfortable novelty panties – That, probably only you need to know about!

Spongebob Panties – G String

Not surprisingly, not a huge choice when it comes to Spongebob panties for women – Or men for that matter.

So, for something a little different, there’s this novelty “sinister smile” Spongebob G String.

Only available in white and 3 sizes (Small, Medium and Large) – It’s a low rise fit made from 100% Cotton.  Quite delicate, it’s hand wash only.

A cheeky (literally) novelty panty that can be in your every day wear drawer.

Cookie Monster Panties – Boyshorts

Quite unique are these Cookie Monster Boyshorts which are only available in Blue, with a black trim.

They’re available in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large) and made from Nylon and Spandex.  Seamless and comfy too.

They are machine washable but a low temperature is recommended.  Hand dry is probably best.

For sure, a fun option for any slumber party!

Glow In The Dark Panties

These bikini fit Glow in the Dark panties are made from 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex.

Available in 5 different sizes, from Extra Small to Extra Large.

They’re machine washable and can also be put on a medium tumble dry.

Nice cut, nice material, nice fit – And glow in the dark too. Real novelty panties.

The solar system on your rear – And it glows in the dark too!

Nintendo Panties And Crop Top

Loads of characters feature on this Nintendo Crop Top and Hipster set – Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad.

A little bit of fun!

Available in 4 different sizes, from Small to Extra Large.

They’re made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex – And both are machine washable.

Comfy Nintendo panties and Crop top which can also be worn as pyjamas on hot summer nights.

Seasonal Novelty Panties

Christmas Panties – 3 Lingerie Options

Chuck on any old pair of plain red panties and you could, perhaps, call them Christmas panties.  That’s the boring option!

For those who wish to go a little further – And be a little more festive, here’s 3 sexy lingerie options…

As well as the Red Bra and Boyshort set there’s a Red Bra and Miniskirt and a Pink Bra and Miniskirt option too.

Be a little more daring – Push the boat out this Christmas!

Halloween Panties And Crop Top

These Boy Short panties are great for Halloween, a party or a bedroom surprise.

White skeleton hands do a good job of grabbing hold of the rear.

They’re black of course, made from 90% Cotton and available in 3 sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

A matching Crop Top is also available where the hands do an equally decent job of grabbing hold of the breats.

A great outfit for any Halloween occasion.

Naughty Open Crotch Santa Panties

Dreamgirl is a relatively popular brand and has a decent name for quality.

As a Christmas option they have these naughty Santa Open Crotch panties.

This Tie-side String Bikini comes in 2 different sizes.

Tie-side panties mean if the Open Crotch is not enough, they can easily be removed. The white pom-pom trims make the ends easy to find.

Naughty Santa panties indeed!

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Most Novel…

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