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See Through Panties – 12 Picks For Her And 5 For Him

The 12 picks for her include Boyshorts, Hipsters, Bikinis, Tangas and Thongs – The 5 picks for him include Lace, Mesh and Jockstrap options

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Our See Through Panty Picks…

When choosing See Through panties the most important factor is the style of panty.

The most popular styles are, in order of popularity…

  • See Through Boyshort panties
  • See Through Hipster panties
  • See Through Bikini panties
  • See Through Tanga panties

These and a couple of “naughty” options are covered below, where we also have 5 See Through Panty Picks For Men!

Onto those 17 See Through Panty Picks…

See Through Panties – Boyshorts

First up, 3 pairs of See Through Boyshort panties…

See Through Panties – Lace Boyshorts

A pair of See Through Lace Boyshort Panties that are available as a single pair or a twin pack.

Colour wise, choice is limited to White or Black.  That includes the twin pack, it’s 2 white or 2 black.

Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex – There’s 3 sizes to choose from for these decent coverage mid rise panties.

A good value see through panties twin pack.

See Through Lily Lace Panties

Available in 5 different colours and sizes, there’s also a matching bra for these sheer stretchy lace panties.

For hygiene the crotch is cotton and for comfort, there’s an elastic waistband – Which, sits just around the hips.

The seemed back creates a sexier look and feel.

If you really like the look of these, as well as the matching bra – There are also a few same color 2 packs available.

Pretty Pink See Through Panties

This pair of See Thru Pink panties are actually a boyshort come boxer short cut – Proving a little more coverage than the typical boyshort.

A super sheer, look good and feel good pair of panties.

Only available in pink but that shouldn’t put you off!

These really are sexy and comfortable – With an added advantage, they’re also machine washable.

See Through Panties – Hipsters

A couple of See Through Hipster panties…

See Through Panties – A Hipster

These Low Risk See Through Hipster panties are available in 3 colors, Black, White and Red.

Made from 100% Nylon – They’re available in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Quite delicate so hand wash and hand dry only is recommended.

The comfy lace band sits just below the hips.

Looking to complete the set – There’s also a matching camisole and bra.

See Through Lace Hipster Panties

This lace hipster option is available in Powder (Light) Blue and Navy Blue.

There are also a few other colour options, including Red, Pink and Black.

Size wise, 4 of them, from Small to Extra Large.

Made from 100% Nylon they’re an all-round comfortable fit.  The front is opaque and the back is semi-transparent.

So comfy you can even sleep in them!

See Through Panties – Bikini Cut

3 See Through Bikini panties, we particularly like the Lace Bikini 4 pack…

See Through Panties – Bikini Cut

A really nice looking and little bit naughtier than your average See Through Panties – This “2 piece” bikini cut pair.

Although only available in one size (waistline, 21 – 32 inches) there are 5 colour options, Black, White, Green, Khaki and Yellow.

A sexy, something slightly different pair of bikini cut panties at a very reasonable price.

Size can run small!

See Through Lace Bikini Panties

Spanx is a great underwear brand and can be expected to come out with something different now and again.

There’s no exception here with these rather cheeky see through bikini cut panties – Available in a number of colors and sizes.

They’re actually opaque at the front and only see through at the back – Which has a sexy seam running down the middle.

Quality, comfort and something different from a great brand name.

See Through Panties – Lace Bikini 4 Pack

A See Through Lace Bikini panties pack – 4 different colors in the pack, Black, Pink, Red and Blue. Pity there’s not a white pair!

Made from 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex for stretch and comfort – There’s 4 size options, Small – Extra Large.

Being almost seamless you should get away with wearing these under almost anything.

A great value See Through Bikini Cut pack of panties.

See Through Panties – Tangas!

Tanga panties provide moderate “cheeky” style coverage.

We have 2 See Through Tanga panties to choose from, the Embrace Lace Tanga is “a touch of class”…

See Through Panties – Cheeky Tanga

These sexy lace See Through Tangas are by Velvet Kitten and are available in White only.

They’re made mostly from lace, there’s some stretch there – And, there’s a cute little bow at the front.

A decent pair or panties if you are thinking of stepping up from a Thong – Or, if you’re looking for something in between, before stepping down to a Thong.

Affordable See Through quality!

See Through Lace Tanga Panties

Wacoal is a quality brand and this Embrace See Through Lace Tanga deserves that label.

100% Nylon and quite delicate, these panties are hand wash (and dry) only – The panel lining is 100% Cotton.

Available in Small to Extra Large there’s at least a dozen different colors to choose from.

Complete the outfit – For most colors there’s a quality matching bra too.

See Through Panties – Naughty!

And, just for the women, a couple of naughty options!

Open Crotch See Through Panties

Rather naughty – An Open Crotch See Through option!

And best of all, there’s a size and color to suit most.

Size wise, 7 of them, from Small to Extra Large.

Color wise, Black, Red, Purple, White and Lavender.

Sexy split-crotch See Through Panties – Go on surprise your partner!

Pearl See Through Panties

This plain pearl lace see through thong is made from Acrylic and Spandex – A stretchy comfortable material.  On the downside hand wash only is recommended.

It’s a one size fits most thong available in 4 colours, Black, Pink, Hot Pink and Purple.  It is noted that this one size is more a small/medium than anything else.

A good introduction to the erotica associated with pearl panties.

See Through Panties – For Men!

Now, as promised, a selection of 5 see through panties for men including a jockstrap – Which are now more popular for access rather than protection…

Mens Red Lace See Through Panties

These Red Lace See Through Tanga’s for men really are more feminine than masculine.

Made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane – A flexible stretchy (in all the right places) panty.

Quite delicate so a cold hand wash is recommended.

Sizes run small so do refer to the chart to make sure you order the right size.

A good value See Through feminine men’s tanga.

Mens Mesh See Through Panties

Here’s a popular Sheer Mesh (See Through) Tanga panty for men.

Again, these are certainly fall into the more feminine than masculine men’s tanga underwear camp – Not that that’s a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for!

Available in Black only and made from a Nylon/Spandax mix – Means a soft, sexy, see thru mesh panty.

The “bulge pouch” enhances the comfort factor.

Another rather racy and quite feminine option for men!

Mens See Through Panties – Hipsters

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large, here’s a See Through Hipster option for men.

Made from Nylon and Spandex – These mesh see through hipsters/boxer shorts are available in four different colours.

Nice material, good coverage and a “bulge pouch” make for a very comfortable hipster.

Although they look like they’re maybe just for the bedroom, they’re actually comfy enough to wear all day.

Mens See Through Jockstrap

A sexy option for the sports field – Perhaps!  There’s this See Through Jockstrap.

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large – There’s 2 colours to choose from, Black or White.

Coverage at the front is adequate and comfortable.  The rear though – Is pretty much totally exposed!

Probably more suitable for the bedroom that the sports field!

Mens See Through Long Leg Boxers

And, last but not least – These VERY See Through pair of Long leg boxer shorts for men.

Made from Polyamide and Spandex, these are really sheer, almost like thigh high tights even!

Only one size here (to fit waist 25 – 33 inches) but plenty of colors – Black, Grey, Red and White.

A See Through option for men – Offering great coverage and comfort.

See Through Panties – Top Picks…

Pack Option…

A Touch Of Class…

For Men…

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